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Amstutz, Lisa J. All about robots 629.8 AMS J
Gagne, Tammy The dog encyclopedia for kids 636.7 GAG J
Mara, Wil Antarctica 919.89 MAR J
Mara, Wil Norway 948.1 MAR J
Stein, R. Conrad Denmark 948.9 STE J
Tan, Chung Lee Finland 948.97 TAN J
Wilcox, Jonathan Iceland 949.12 WIL J
Levy, Patricia Tibet 951.5 LEV J
Sheehan, Sean Cambodia 959.6 SHE J
Gish, Steven Ethiopia 963 GIS J
Hintz, Martin Algeria 965 HIN J
Orr, Tamra Madagascar 969.1 ORR J
Mara, Wil Nicaragua 972.85 MAR J
Hassig, Susan M. Panama 972.87 HAS J
Bryant, Jennifer Six dots  JB BRA