Spy Goddess: To Hawaii with Love by Michael P. Spradin

Rachel Buchanan was a normal teenager in Beverly Hills…of course that was before she became a juvenile delinquient. After taking a joyride in a stolen car she was sent to court where she was given a choice…30 days in juvie or the mysterious Blackthorn Academy. Guess which one this Beverly Hills princess picks?

In this second book of the Spy Godess sereis, Rachel and the gang must travel to Hawaii to try to find one of the seven Talismans of Power before Simon blankenship does, oh one more problem Blankenship is convinced that he is the reincarnation of the god of darkness Mither. And that Rachel is his sworn enemy with her being Ethereor, the goddess of light.

I loved this book :) !!!
—S.M. (age 12)

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