A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

This book is about an 11 year old girl named Zoe Elias,who’s dream is to play the piano at Carnegie Hall. The trouble is, Zoe is stuck with a lame, mangy old organ:The Perfectone D-60. It is no glossy baby grand piano, and it is no prize. How can her dreams of Carnegie Hall come true with this instrument in her life? Besides the organ, Zoe no longer has her best friend, is coming home to a busy mother and a father who is afraid to leave the house. Wheeler, the tough kid, befriends Zoe and learns to clean up his act. Her “organ tutor”,Miss Person (per-sahn),has signed her up  for  the biggest organ talent show of the year, convienently called the”The Perform-O-Rama”. Zoe faces many challenges to get to the show. Will Zoe make it? Will she win the “Perform-O-Rama”? Will she learn to love the wheeze-bag organ?

—submitted by Hannah N. (age 10, grade 6)

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