The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

I like that the book because it gave seven helpful tips to make you successful in life.  Sean made it interesting and teen friendly.  I enjoyed the book and wold recommend it to others.

—S.C. (age 13)

Throwing 7′s by Denis Hamill

This book describes the gambling in New York and the underground casinos in New York.

—N.D. (age 13)

Indigo by Alice Hoffman

I liked that they decided to run away and pursue their dreams but came back to the people they love.  It also had a little magic in it.

—T.M. (age 11)

Karma Bites By Kramer Thomas

I really liked this because it was about a girl in middle school.  And how she makes a mess and has to clean it up.  It was also very funny.

—T.M. (age 11)

Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

It was interesting to see a kid taking care of his sister and working with the situation.  HE didn’t like Alcatraz but he didn’t trouble his parents about this.

—T.M. (age 11)

Last Sacrifice by Rachel Mead

The last book in the Vampire Academy series where Rose and Dimitri get back together and Liza becomes queen and they live happily ever after.

—N.D. (age 13)

Blood Promise by Rachel Mead

The secret to the last book in the Vampire Academy series where Dimitri is turned back to a Shampair (sp?) by Liza.

—N.D. (Age 13)