Where’s My Review?

I (Jennifer, the teen librarian) make every effort to post as many reviews as I can in a timely manner but sometimes things happen.  If you don’t see your review posted, there could be a couple reasons for that. 


1.  Your review is in my Pending Reviews folder.  I may not have checked that folder yet.  I could be at a meeting, have time off, or I am busy at the moment.  If your review is in my Pending Reviews folder, every Friday, before the 3 PM drawing, I check this folder and place each person’s name in the drawing.  However, I may not have time to post the review but I will do it as soon as I can.


2.  You may have placed your review in the Drafts folder, in which case, I would leave it there.  I assume that you are still working on it and it is not ready to post.  I only submit a teen’s name for the drawing and post a review that is in the Pending Reviews folder.


If you have any questions, please contact me.
Jennifer  333-2552 x2   teens@cumberlandlibrary.org