Oogy By: Larry Levin

Before the Levins met Oogy, he was just a dog with only one ear. Before he entered the dog fighting ring, he was a normal, happy-go-lucky puppy. At only a couple of months old, Oogy was put into a dog fighting ring as bait. After the fight was over, the puppy was left with no left ear and many scars on his face and body. After he was brought into the hospital, the vets couldn’t do much because there was no one to pay for the surgery in order to help heal the dog. After Diane, an employee, couldn’t stand to see the dog in any more pain, she offered to pay for the surgery. After about four hours in surgery, Oogy was healed and good as new, with the exception of an ear. But the only problem now was that he does not have a family. Would Oogy be able to find a family that would love him as much as he should be loved?

—K.D. (age 14)

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