Only The Good Spy Young By: Ally Carter

Cammie is now a Junior at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. However, this school holds a secret that only the students and teachers know. The girls studying there are studying to become international spies. When school starts back up for the year, Mr. Joe Solomon, a teacher, is not there. Cammie has heard rumors that Joe Solomon has become part of “the Circle.” The Circle is a group of young teens and young adults that want to overtake the US Presidential Race. As Cammie gains more information about the Circle, she learns that her father was killed by a member of the Circle. As she gains even more information from her father’s old journals, she learns that Joe Solomon killed her father. Now Cammie has only one question on her mind: Did Joe Solomon REALLY kill my father?

—K.D. (age 14)

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