Peak By: Roland Smith

Peak Marcello was a normal teenager until he got arrested for climbing a skyscraper. Peak was always a great mountain climber, but there were no mountains in NYC, so he resorted to skyscrapers. His father, who never contacted him, appeared for his court hearing, and the decision and Peak’s “punishment” was that he would move in with his father in Thailand until the media died down. Peak reluctantly flew to Thailand and got to his hotel room only to be given climbing equipment by his father. He was told that he was going to be given a mountain climber’s dream: being allowed to climb MT. EVEREST!! When he got to Base Camp, there were hundreds of tents including the tents of his father’s climbing expedition’s climbers. He later finds out that a film crew is expected to arrive. The film crew is going to be filming the youngest climber ever to climb Everest: Peak. Peak’s father wants to get his son to the top of the mountain before he turns 15 so he could be the youngest climber. However, Peak doesn’t think this would be such a good idea. There is only one question on his mind: Am I climbing Everest for my self pride or am I climbing to bring publicity to my dad’s company?

—K.D. (age 14)

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