Stunning by Sara Shepard

In the 11th book of the Pretty Little Liars series…

-Emily Fields, who had just had a baby is reconnecting with the baby’s father Isaac, and is debating whether or not to tell him about their baby girl, Violet, who had been put up for adoption.

-Aria Montgomery discovers that her boyfriend’s father is a drag queen. She thinks he doesn’t know, so it ends up breaking them up. Luckily, her boyfriend had already known, and once Aria tells him she was just trying to protect him, they get back together.

-Spencer Hastings is trying to get into an Eating Club at Princeton, but “A” sneaks drugs into her brownies, sending everyone to the hospital, and Spencer banned from the Eating Club.

-Hanna Marin is spying on her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, trying to win him back. Fortunately after realizing how much Hanna still cares about him, they get back together.

Meanwhile, a woman named Gayle is after Emily, because Emily had promised her baby to her in exchange for $50,000 cash, but Emily decided to instead give her baby to another family. Emily had given the cash back, by leaving it in Gayle’s mailbox, but A took it out, leaving Gayle thinking that Emily had stolen the money. Also, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna had murdered Tabitha Clark, and Gayle ends up being Tabitha’s stepmother.


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