I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has really outdone himself with his new creative effort – his autobiography.  I am Ozzy is the story of one man’s struggles to escape his dead-end hometown, to make it big as a musician, and to overcome addictions and diseases.  Osbourne writes this all in a style that is at times moving an other times hilarious, in his own (often vulgar) words.  The book alternates between material that shows us the progression of Osborune’s life and humorous anecdotes, so the reader is kept interested even if there was a period in time where Osbourne wasn’t doing something interesting.  he also provides answers to the questions that burn in the minds of fans of his music and his reality show The Osbournes:  Why did he bite the head off o bat?  How long has Ozzy been married?  Why does he talk in such an unusual manner?  There are the answers readers think they know, and then there’s the real answer straight from the horse’s mouth, in I Am Ozzy

–A.M. (age 15)

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