Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

This was a book I was required to read for summer reading, and if it hadn’t been required, I definitely would have probably put the book down. This book takes place in 1776, is about 13 year old Isabel, a slave that is sold with her 5 year old sister Ruth to a cruel couple, the Locktons, after their previous owner dies. On her first day, she meets a boy named Curzon on the way to the water pump, who encourages her to spy on her owners believing they know British plans to attack. Isabel brings what she hears to Colonel Reagan, who she believes she can trust. Her plan backfires however, when her owner Anne Lockton finds out, and Isabel is branded with a letter I on her face. A fire nearly destroys the whole city, and believing her owner sold Ruth, Isabel becomes furious and Anne makes up her mind to sell Isabel and Ruth, however before that can happen, Isabel manages to free herself as well as a very sick Curzon. This book was confusing, too detailed for me. I never really liked historical fiction, but this one was better than most.

–L.R. (age 13)

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