Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen

Cole Matthews has always been the person who everybody was afraid of. Now, after he has beat up Peter(who did nothing), he was thrown in jail. This time his parents won’t bail him out, so they are getting him to learn from his “mistake.” After some rehab and jail time, Cole has been accepted to Circle Justice. Circle Justice is a system in which it sorta replaces being in jail. It ”repays” the victim with replacing what was lost. In Cole’s case, Peter’s injuries are not repairable.  The only problem, Cole doesn’t feel sorry for what he did. Instead, he feels that Peter should be the one punished. As for his punishment, Cole gets sent to an abandoned Alaskan island for a year. There are rumors of a Spirit Bear lurking in the area, but Cole thinks it’s a piece of junk. But then, Cole sees the bear.

–K.D. (age 13)

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