When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is about 12 year-old Miranda living in New York City with her Mom. Mianda’s Mom has a chance to win The $20,000 Pyramid.                                                                           
Miranda’s Mom has a boyfriend, Richard who also helps Miranda through her life. One day, Miranda goes up to her apartment. She sees that the door is unlocked. Her mother always locks the door before leaving. She goes over to the old firehose where she sees that the key is gone in the firehose! Miranda and her mom realized soon that someone had broke into their house and stole Richard shoes!                                             
Miranda has a best friend Sal. Sal was punched and was almost was hit by a truck! A boy named Marcus caused both tragadies. But someone saved Sal from being hit.                                                                     
Who saved Sal from being hit? Who stole Richards shoes? Who will win The $20,000 Pyramid?              
You’ll be reading into the night to read When You Reach Me.
—L. (age 11)

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