The Adoration of Jenna Fox

A teenage girl was in a terrible accident. She was unconscious for about a year. And that’s just about all you know when “The Adoration of Jenna Fox” begins.

From the very first chapter, when Jenna Fox wakes up and begins to find out who she is, I was hooked. I asked all the same questions she did: how did she get into a coma? Why is she living in this town with her mother and grandmother while her dad lives in Boston? Why doesn’t her grandmother like her? As the story unfolds and her memory returned, I still had trouble putting it down. Answers to my questions just brought new questions! The ending was very satisfactory to me, and while this type of book usually isn’t my favorite, I think Mary E. Pearson did a wonderful job. I loved the futuristic aspect, the science and medicine. And even though it was set in some future year, it felt very real and believable! I will be going back to this book.

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