The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

Lily and her black maid, Rosaleen run away from their home when they are arrested for assaulting some white men and Lily’s father tells her that her mother abandoned them. They run away and meet the Boatwright sisters who take them in. The sisters have a bee farm where they make honey. Living with them was the best times for Lily; she finally had mother figures in her life. Her dad finds her and wants her to go home but then through confrontation he realizes that she is best where she is now and agrees to let her stay with the Boatwright sisters. This was a touching story. I loved the Boatwright sisters. They each had their own personalities and they got along so well with each other that the definition of home was clearly shown. This is a classic book that every person should read.

Becky C.

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