Heat By: Mike Lupica

I have read SO many great books that it is hard to say which book is the best. Heat is definitely one of the best books I have ever read!

Heat is about 2 Cuban brothers,who’s father and mother have passed, who are praying that they don’t get caught for living without a parent in the household. Carlos is turning 18 in late September, and as of right now, in August, him and his brother, Michael, have not been caught. Then life for Carlos and Michael starts going down-hill. One day, at Michael’s Little League baseball game, Justin (Justin the Jerk) decides to challenge Michael.  Justin is jealous of Michael’s pitch speed. Michael can throw just under 80mph and no other kid can throw that hard at that age. So, Justin asks Michael, “:How old are you?” Other coaches decide to send a letter of complaint to the Board of Directors who say,”We will not let you play until you show us a birth certificate.” The only Nproblem is… Michael’s father didn’t bring the birth certificate to the United States when they left Cuba.

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