The Astonishing Tale of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation

This book comes in two volumes – The Pox Party and The Kingdom on the Waves.  It is written by M.T. Anderson, but it is actually a compilation of primary source documents from the Revolutionary War.  Most of it comes from the writings of Octavian Nothing, a slave who was raised to think he was a prince.  However, when his master falls into debt and a new man takes over the family business, he loses all his status and “importance.” The rest of the story consists of Octavian’s daring escape and struggle to discover who he really is.  Through it all, he must discover where his loyalties lie as the Patriots rise up and the British fight to subdue them.  It is a really intriguing story, and even though it is really long, it’s worth it.  Octavian really develops a sense of identity, but that is greatly affected by the people he interacts with, as he serves both the Patriots and the British legion of Africans led by Gov. Dunmore of Virginia.  I would definitely recommend these books, but they take a while to read, so don’t give up!

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