Bittersweet by Drew Lamm

Taylor Rose is a Gramma’s  girl. She adores her grandmother, and her grandmother is her life. When Grams has a stroke and is put in a nursing home, Tatlor’s world falls apart. She stops painting, and talking, and even eating. Hedr dad tries to help, but he doesn’t know her very well. She gets her creative juices back after reading her mother’s journal, and planting rasberry bushes for Grams. Even after Grams dies, she still keeps painting.

I can totally relate to this book because I love to paint and draw. I used to be able to draw beautiful pictures, but after my grandmother died, I couldn’t do it anymore. And the funny thing is, Taylor and I have the same middle name, Rose.

—submitted by Veronica P. (age 12, grade 8 )

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