Platinum by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I loved this book. Acctually, I love any book about ghosts and special powers. In this book, Lilah has just figured out that she has the power of Rememberance, where she can see into people’s past, and see ghosts. She begins to see a ghost boy named Cade, who follows her around. Her boyfriend, Brock, doesn’t know about it, but another girl who is also a ghost inhabits Lilah’s best friend’s body and makes her kiss Brock. Brock gets jelous, and thinks Lilah is seeing another boy because Fuchsia kissed him. Brock and Cade fight, and it is up to Lilah to stop Brock from dying, and make Cade and Helen go away.

—submitted by Veronica P. (age 12, grade 8 )

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  1. hannahscorpio117 says:

    veronica!awesome job.somehow,I knew you’d be in mystery.
    hannah n. from game night.

    July 2nd, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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