Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Rose and Lissa both attend St. Vladimir’s Academy. Rose wants to be Lissa’s guardian. Someone must protect the princess. They soon learn that no one, not even family and friends, can be trusted.

— L.P. (age 15)

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Volume 4 by Heather Brewer


This book scores a 10/10. I was so happy when Vlad met Snow! He needs someone to love, Meredith was just a phase, forbidden fruit. I just know he will break up with her soon to be with Snow!

— N.D. (age 14)

What the Dog Said by Randi Reisfeld

What the Dog Said took me inside a girl named Grace’s life. After her dad’s death, Grace is not the same. She locks herself in her room, shuts out her family, doesn’t clean her room, loses weight, and fails every class. Then, her older sister Regan suggests the idea of getting a dog to improve her college application. Yet, Grace finds that the dog helped her heal more than she ever thought it could. I felt Grace’s emotions as she goes through life, and I even cried after I read this book. Everyone who has suffered a death in their family should read this marvelous and tearful book.

— A.S. (age 13)

The Fear by Charlie Higson

The book was about children trying to survive a zombie apocalypse that only affects people 16 and up. I like it, it was very detailed with lots of action and adventure. It had blood and gore and a lot of moments where your heart stopped or skipped a beat.

— N.L. (age 12)

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Volume 3 by Heather Brewer

This book scores a 10/10. Even though it was a bit of a recap of the previous book for the first chapters, it played along well. Vlad got to know more about Otis and meets a beautiful goth girl named Snow. He feeds off her and makes her his drudge. After this he begins to fall in love with her …

— N.D. (age 14)

Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

This graphic novel shows Maggie’s first day and many more days in high school. As if high school isn’t hard enough, she has homeschooled, has three brothers, and a ghost following her around. I was very pleased after reading this book, and wanted more.

— A.S. (age 13)

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder

The book The Probability of Miracles is about a girl named Campbell who has been plagued by cancer for seven years, and does not have much time left. The doctors have done everything they can, and, in a last-ditch effort to cure Cam, her mother moves Cam and her sister from Florida all the way to Promise, Maine, which has been dubbed a “miracle town.” I thought the book had a good, strong plot, but, given its subject matter, I though it could have been a bit more insightful. It was a good story, but it taught no valuable lesson. All in all, it was an enjoyable read, and that’s about it.

— E.M. (age 14)

Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill by James Patterson

James Patterson hooks me to read another book in the Middle School series, and I was thrilled to get to read it. Rafe Khatchadorian takes me on another adventure summer camp. Yet, thinking having to do schoolwork is hard enough, he must face bullies in order to help his friends, even though he could get in serious trouble. here we go again.

— A.S. (age 13)

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Volume 5 by Heather Brewer


This book scores a 10/10. It almost broke my heart near the end of the book when Nelly, Vladimir’s guardian, died. This book NEEDS!!! a sequel! Heather left us with a huge cliffhanger when Snow’s eyes flushed green. I need to know what happens next.

— N.D. (age 14)

Deadly by Julie Chibbaro

I give this book five stars! Julie Chibbaro hooked me into the story immediately! Deadly is about a young girl named Prudence Galewski who desires most to be a scientist, although in New York in 1906, a woman studying in the sciences is rare and frowned upon. Prudence tries to prove to herself and everyone that she will follow her dreams and succeed in her profession. When she quits school to be an assistant for a man named Mr. Soper, she goes on an adventure to cure and find the reason why diseases start and/or spread. On the way to her future, she even finds a woman doctor that assists her at studying in order to go to medical school.

— A.S. (age 13)