Devils in Exile by Chuck Hogan

With Devils in Exile, author Chuck Hogan demonstrated the capability to execute an interesting idea poorly. Here, the interesting idea centers around Neal Maven, a soldier returning home from Irag only to find that he is ill-equipped to function in civilian society. In steps Brad Royce, a fellow veteran with Neal’s high school crush Danielle Vetti on his arm. Royce offers maven a job opportunity few could refuse: he and Royce’s team of veterans will clandestinely halt drug deals in progress, destroying the product and nabbing the cash for themselves. Taking this opportunity to position himself closer to Danielle. Maven accepts the offer, beginning a rollicking train ride of a novel that unfortunately ends in a crash.

Hogan mixes in intriguing characters like two crazed Jamaican assassins and a DEA agent who will stop at nothing to halt these extralegal activities, but even they can’t save the last third of the novel from the becoming a violent, uninteresting mess. This is really a shame, because the earlier parts of the book were excellently written, peppered with fun action sequences and colorful characters. It feels like this last third was rushed or completely unedited, which ultimately turns Devil in Exile from good to mediocre at best.
–A. M. (age 15)

Worsr Enemies/Best Friends by Annie Bryant

I liked this book because the events that occurred in it were very humorous.  I liked how even though in the beginning they saw the worst in eat other, how they became to see the goo in each other.  This book is how 4 very different girls become the bestest of friends.

—K.R. (age 12)

Jealousy: A Strange Angels Novel by Lili St. Crow

Dru Anderson was never a normal teenager. She grew up learning about hexes, voodoo, etc. Dru was always a part of the Real World. Then everyone she loved started dying. Her mom, her grandmother, and then her dad (who got turned into a zombie and then was shot and killed by Dru).

Dru is now in the main Schola Prima where nosferatu attacks are sparse and nothing is to big of a request for Svatocha. The head of the Order is a red headed Svetacha named Anna who has all the boys under her control. Dru is then hated by Anna because she has soemthing that she wants…Christophe.

This book was kickbutt action with a side of awesome sauce!!! Loved it!!!

Spy Goddess: To Hawaii with Love by Michael P. Spradin

Rachel Buchanan was a normal teenager in Beverly Hills…of course that was before she became a juvenile delinquient. After taking a joyride in a stolen car she was sent to court where she was given a choice…30 days in juvie or the mysterious Blackthorn Academy. Guess which one this Beverly Hills princess picks?

In this second book of the Spy Godess sereis, Rachel and the gang must travel to Hawaii to try to find one of the seven Talismans of Power before Simon blankenship does, oh one more problem Blankenship is convinced that he is the reincarnation of the god of darkness Mither. And that Rachel is his sworn enemy with her being Ethereor, the goddess of light.

I loved this book :) !!!
—S.M. (age 12)

High Wizardry by Diane Duane

In this volume, Nita’s younger sister finds her manual and begins to practice. She has a vast amount of power and must travel the galaxy to destroy the Lone One.
—M.M. (age 11)

So you want to be a wizard by Diane Duane

This book is about Nita Callahan, who one day finds a book on how to become a wizard. I really liked this book.
—M.M. (age 11)

Unfriended by Katie Finn

The book Unfriended by Katie Finn was about a girl, Madison Macdonald, who was living the perfect life until one day, it all turned upside down. She was popular, had the best of friends, and had an amazing boyfriend until an enemy, Isabel, decided to take revenge. From previous actions that “Mad” had performed, Isabel wanted to make Madison loose all of her friends and her boyfriend.. by doing it on her own. In a book full of exciting twists and turns Madison learns a lesson and fights back against Isabel.
—A.M. (age 15)

A long way gone: Memoirs of a boy soldier by Ishmael Beah

This heartbreaking, touching, and life-changing memoir tells the story of Ishmael Beah who was forced to be a boy soldier. After loosing his family he forcibly joins the army and is brainwashed to take revenge on the ‘rebels’ and have no mercy. It tells how wars are fought in the sad country of Sierra Leone: by children who are hopped-up on drugs, wielding AK-47s and being traumatized. A gentle boy at heart found out he was capable of terrible acts, the hard way.
A.M. (age 15)

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is about 12 year-old Miranda living in New York City with her Mom. Mianda’s Mom has a chance to win The $20,000 Pyramid.                                                                           
Miranda’s Mom has a boyfriend, Richard who also helps Miranda through her life. One day, Miranda goes up to her apartment. She sees that the door is unlocked. Her mother always locks the door before leaving. She goes over to the old firehose where she sees that the key is gone in the firehose! Miranda and her mom realized soon that someone had broke into their house and stole Richard shoes!                                             
Miranda has a best friend Sal. Sal was punched and was almost was hit by a truck! A boy named Marcus caused both tragadies. But someone saved Sal from being hit.                                                                     
Who saved Sal from being hit? Who stole Richards shoes? Who will win The $20,000 Pyramid?              
You’ll be reading into the night to read When You Reach Me.
—L. (age 11)

Twisted by Sara Shepard

This is by far my favorite book of all time. This is the ninth book in the Pretty Little Liars series, and the events in the book occur one year after the events in the eighth book, Wanted. In this book, the four girls, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin, are seniors in high school and had returned from an unforgettable trip to Jamaica, where they pushed a girl they believed was their crazed ex-friend Alison DiLaurentis off of a building. Now, one year later, they’re getting text messages by an unknown character “A” about their murdering who was really an innocent girl, Tabitha Clark. Meanwhile, Aria’s jealous of her boyfriend Noel’s exchange student, a girl named Klaudia from Finland. It seems as if Klaudia is trying to steal Noel from Aria. Hanna’s dad is running for senator, and Hanna could easily ruin his chances if she can’t convince Patrick, a photographer, not to release inappropriate photos of her. It is revealed that Emily had a baby girl one summer in Philadelphia, however her parents had no knowledge of the pregnancy. Spencer’s mother is dating someone new, a man named Nicholas Pennythistle, who has two children, Zachary and Amelia. But Spencer and Zach have hard to ignore chemistry, but eventually, they may become stepsiblings! This is definitely a really good book that I reccomend to anyone who likes girly books and mystery too! This book was definitely amazing! I love it!
—L.R. (age 13)