Twilight Graphic Novel vol 1

I enjoyed reading this book. The book was a bout a girl named Bella who starts going to Forks high School. She meets a vampire named Edward Cullen. They fall in love . The book is based on the original Twilight series.

—C.C. (age 17)

Vampire Kisses 8: Cryptic Cravings by Ellen Schreiber

I loved this book and the entire series. When Raven and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, find out that Jagger is opening a club in Oullsville, they want to help plan the grand opening. Jagger wants to let the club be open fro mortals and vampires. Raven and Alexander couldn’t let that happen. They wanted the club to be for mortals.

—C. C. (age 17)

Compromised by Heidi Ayarbe

Compromised is about a girl named Maya. Maya’s Dad is a con-man, so they always are moving. Then one day her Dad gets caught. Since her Mom is dead, Maya gets put in foster care. When she goes to visit her Dad, he tells her that she has an aunt she never knew about. Not wanting to stay in foster care, Maya runs away from Kids Place. But can she really make it from Reno to Bosie? With the help of two people just like her, she might.

I liked this book alot. It was very interesting, and it was one of those books you can’t put down.

—K. J. (age 13)

The Wanderer By Sharon Creech

I loved The Wanderer because the author described the main characters feelings really well through their sea logo.

So B It

In So B It, Hedi lives with her mom and her neighbor. Her mom has a “bum” brain, so thats where Gretta, the neighbor, comes in. Gretta doesn’t like leaving her house. Hedi is so interested in finding out what one of mama’s words means, soof. Hedi finds some pictures and wants some answers. So, she goes on a long journey by herself to find the answers.


Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee

In this book, an 11 year old girl is a senior in high school.  She is an absolute genius.  Her mother has signed her up for willy ball, and she met a new friend.  She tries to keep her identity a secret, but does it last long?

—A. C. (age 12)

Rules by Cynthia Lord

David is an autistic boy who has a sister trying her hardest to keep him under control and change him to a normal brother.

—A. C. (age 12)