Diary of a wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley’s summer did NOT turn out as planned. Greg wants to spend his summer inside playing video games all day. Unfortunately for him, his mother is more of an “outdoor person” and insists on doing things like going to the Town Pool and on a family vacation to the water park. And, to make it worse, greg can’t get much sleep – thanks to the new dog, sweetie. Will Greg be able to survive the summer? I liked this book, so far it is my favorite in the wimpy Kid Series.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

The story starts with news about murders in Seattle. The murderers are newborn vampires, created by Victoria to avenge her dead mate James. The Cullens realize the have to do something about it before the Volturi get involved. When Alice sees a vision that the newborns are coming to Forjks, the Cullens decide to fight, and the werewolves help, too. jasper trains them, and meanwhile, edward asks Bella to marry him. Bella accepts, hurting Jacob. It’s Edward and Seth clearwater who get the worst end of the fight. Edward and Seth succesfully destroy Victoria and her “mate” Riley. I loved this book – it was one of my favorites in the Twilight Series. I love Chapter 20, Compromise.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

This book starts out with Bella’s eighteenth birthday party, where she gets a paper cut and Jasper tries to attack her. In order to keep Bella safe, Edward convinces his family to move away from Forks. Forever. Bella, who is depressed, heals with help from Jacob. When Edward is mistakenly informed Bell adied, he goes to ask the Volturi to kill him. It’s up to Alice and Bella to save Edward. I really enjoyed this book, and it was surprising when edward asked Bella to marry him.

Mrs. Lizzy is Dizzy! by Dan Gutman

This book is about a boy and his friends who get a recess enrichment teacher.  She actually escaped from the mad house and for once the boy was right.

—submitted by Victoria N. (age 11, grade 7)

Main Street #8- Special Deliverly By: Ann M. Martin

Flora and Ruby Northop’s mother and father passed away about a year ago. Now the sisters are living with their grandmother, Min, in Camden Falls, Massachusetts. Flora and Ruby’s aunt, Aunt Allie, has always wanted a baby, preferably a girl. She was in a relationship with a guy named Paul, but just recently Paul broke up with Allie because the doctor told her she is not able to have kids of her own. Allie applied to many adoption agencies and finally a few days before Thanksgiving, Allie received a call. It was Mrs. Prescott from the adoption agency. A very young mom was pregnant and wanted to give the baby to someone. Allie was chosen. Mrs. Prescott keeps Allie informed about the baby. But a couple of days later, she receives a call saying the mom went into early labor.

Dolphin Diaries

This book was about a girl named Jody whose parents studied dolphins.  When they were on their boat looking for dolphins, Jody met a special friend named Apollo (dolphin).  This book made me feel enchanted when Jody made friends with a dolphin.  I extremely liked it and others would too.

Kyra R.

Nancy Drew The Demon of River Heights

In this book Nancy and her friends are helping some local college students film a movie.  One night the boys go missing in the woods.  Nancy goes looking for them and ends up unraveling a mystery in the local mines.   Although this series is different than the original Nancy Drew books, i still enjoyed it because it’s full of adventure and mystery.

Rebecca S.

Nancy Drew Written in Stone

In this book a professor finds a stone that proves the Chinese discovered America before Columbus.  The stone then goes missing a long with a little boy, and Nancy gets on the case.  I enjoyed this book because it’s full of mystery and adventure.

Rebecca S.

The Skin I’m In by Sharon Flake

The Skin I’m In was about a girl named Maleeka who was cobred.  Everyone would make fun of her for how dark she was.  This was an excellent book and you could really feel how the character felt.  This made me feel mad and angry when people would make fun of Maleeka because of her color.  But sometimes I was really excited for her.

Kyra R.

Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

Hatchet was about a boy named Brian Robeson who gets stranded in the forest on his way to see his dad in Canada.  I was extremely happy when Brian was rescued and it made me feel joyous inside.  I enjoyed the book because you wanted to keep reading it because it was one excitement or disappointment after another.

Kyra R.