The Clique: Charmed and Dangerous

In this book, it tells about how the Pretty Committee first met – at the set of Merri-Lee Marvil’s famous talk show. Massie Block (alpha) is stuck as a beta in the Ahnnabees. Dylan is sick of her weight-obsessed sisters. Alicia is determined to win BADS. Kristen wants to escape from “Planet Loser.” Meanwhile Claire wins a contest – a kiss from ThRob, but her parents ruin the moment. I really enjoyed this book, but I want to know how Massie got Bean.


This book is really cute – it tells about the life of a penguin – I love the baby penguins! There are many different types of penguins, like the ASfrican penguin, Emperor penguin, Fairy penguin, etc. This book was great and I would definitely reccomend it to anyone who wants to learn about penguins.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Susie is raped and killed by her neighbor. But no one suspects him because he seems too nice. Susie is telling the story from Heaven, looking over her family. Her parents split up because her father has become so absorbed in finding Susie’s killer that he doesn’t acknowledge anything else. Harvey, the neighbor that killed Susie is never discovered but is killed by an icicle one day when he tries to pick up another girl. This story was different. The details in it really brought it out and made it alive. I have also seen the movie and it was great as well.

Becky C.

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Winnie one day come upon a man drinking from a spring. The man, Jesse, and his family take Winnie to tell her the story of how they drank from it and now will live eternally. A man in yellow comes to find this spring and wants to sell it to the highest bidder. He witnesses the kidnapping and decides to use it to buy Winnie’s family’s land which the spring it on. When the man goes to Jesse’s family to confront them with his plan. Mae, the mother shoots him and he dies. She is arrested and is to be hanged but the night before, Winnie and the rest of the family help Mae escape. When Jesse and his family come home years later, they find that Winnie has died and the spring has been destroyed. This is one of my favorite books of all time. I have read it many times and I never get sick of it. It’s a very touching story about immortality.

Becky C.

The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney

Janie discovers that her face is on the back of a milk carton for missing children, but the name is Jennie. Finally, her “parents” tell her that they are really her grandparents and that they changed their names because their daughter, Janie’s mother, Hannah, was in a cult. Hannah ran away from the cult and they were afraid that the cult would try to take Janie back. The book ends with Janie calling her mother. This story was shocking. Until the end, there was new things being revealed that were unexpected. I haven’t read the second book yet, but I want to.

Becky C.

Jinx by Meg Cabot

Jean or Jinx believes that wherever she goes, she brings bad luck. She goes to live at her uncle’s house to escape the latest bad luck she’s put on herself in. Tory, Jean’s cousin, is convinced that she is a witch, but Jean denies it. This gets Tory mad and wants to seek revenge, which includes kidnapping her for a ritual. But in the end, Jean, the real witch, wins. Another great story from Meg Cabot. Loved the book.

Becky C.

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

This is a graphic novel. The book has three different stories happening that then in the end come together. One story is about the monkey king. The second story is about a boy named Jin Wang who is a second generation immigrant and is still influenced heavily by his Chinese culture. And the third story is about an American boy who has a Chinese cousin that visits every year. This book was so funny and entertaining. Coming from a Chinese family, I was able to relate to a lot of the things. It’s one of the best graphic novels I’ve read.

Becky C.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Annabel does commercials that make her life seem like it’s perfect, but in reality it’s not. Her sister, who has an eating disorder comes back home and is moody. Annabel doesn’t want to do modeling anymore but is afraid of telling her mother. She becomes an outsider at home and school. Until she meets Owen, who helps her get over her fears and start telling the truth. This was a great book. I love the author Sarah Dessen. I have read many of her books. She reminds me a lot of my other favorite author, Jodi Picoult. This story was very realistic and touching.

Becky C.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

In this book, when bella swan moves to Forks, WA with her father, she immediately notices how the Cullen kids stand out from everyone else. with help from family friend Jacob Black, Bella learns what the Cullens really are: vampires. Over time, bella and Edward Cullen fall in love. However, a tracker vampire from another coven, James, comes and threatens to destroy Bella. It’s up to Edward to save her. I liked this book, especially the ending and Chapter 13.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley’s summer vacation was not one he wants people to know about, especially because of an embarassing incident only his older brother Rodrick knows about. Rodrick is not too happy when his mom tells him to teach greg and his friend Rowley drum lessons in the basement. When Rodrick is in need of a science project for the next day at school, Greg is the one that has to help him. I enjoyed this book a lot, especially the funny ending – Rodrick’s Science Project, on whether or not plants sneeze.