Seventeen Magazine (August 2010)

In the August 2010 issue of Seventeen magazine, there are many beauty, hair,  and fashion tips, plus a guide on how to find the perfect jean for your body. I especially liked the tips on how to find the right jean because it makes it easy to find jeans as the jeans are organized by type, for example, bootcut vs. flare vs. skinny.

These Boots are Made for Stalking by Lisi Harrison

Massie Block decides her clique needs an upgrade. She tries to find them all ninth grade crushes, except for Claire, who assures Massie she’s okay with Cam. When Massie sees Landon, her ninth grade crush, with another girl, one with a tattoo of a bird on her ankle, Massie stalks them to learn who mystery girl really is. I liked this book a lot, but felt bad for Bark Obama when massie stepped on his paw and Bark needed surgery.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

I recently read the comic book V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. Set in a futuristic, fascist England, the story follows a young girl named Evy who is swept up into the life of the masked terrorist known only as V. V, an anarchist, is set on overthrowing the government by any means he feels are necessary. He resorts to murder, bombings, and threats to make his point. Personally, I disagree with the message that V puts across (the end justifies the means) and I found myself liking a member of the corrupt government who is charged with stopping V, Eric Finch. I did like V’s flamboyant personality, and his desire for justice, but his reckless disregard for life, property, and order generally made me dislike his mission. I did not like Evy at all until the very end of the book, even though she was the main character. She seemed generally weak, and was a traitor to V who had saved her. I’m not going to spoil the ending.

Overall, the book was excellent. The writing was fantastic and the art was even better. Even though we never see V’s face (it is concealed behind a Guy Fawkes mask) it is quite easy to read his emotions. The whole book is great, and I recommend it to older audiences. (Also, it has a shoutout to my favorite book EVER, Les Miserables. If you read it, look for it).
-Natalie P. (age 15, grade 11)

Whip It by Shauna Cross

Bliss is a rebellious teenager living in a quiet Texas town.  her younger sister is a paegant child, like Bliss’s mother wishes she was.  But Bliss has other ideas, roller derby.  Bliss falls in love quickly with the rough sport.  She knows her parents will be disgusted when they find out.  But instead Bliss is surprised at their reaction.  This book was excellent and slightly thrilling.

—submitted by Angelique l. (age 16, grade 11)

North of Beautiful by Justina Chen

Terra Cooper has a verbally abusive father, a boyfriend she can’t talk to, and an envious body.  Each one of these lead back to what she believes is terrible, a port wine stain.  Until she meets Jacob, a boy who changes the way she sees herself.  North of beautiful started off kind of slow, boring.  it picked up pretty quickly though and I soon found it hard to put the book down.

—submitted by Angelique L. (age 16, grade 11)

The Last Apprentice(Revenge of the Witch) by Joseph Delaney

I would recommend this to horror lovers.  Warning, not to be read after dark, especially page 148.  Would you like to be the spook (definition: Spook, a person who rids villages of ghosts, ghasts, baggarts, and withces).  Thomas Ward the last apprentice is only in his first year and hi fights a level one witch (the worst of all).  Will Tom survive to become the spook or will he end up like the apprentice before him?

—submitted by Simone D. (age 11, grade 6)

Bizebghast by Alice Legrow

Scary pictures, a twisting plot one of the book that makes it fun to be scared.  Dinah and her friend find an abandoned graveyard in the woods.  Then they uncover the terrifying secret that sends them on an adventure, but they can’t come back.  They either finish…or die.

—submitted by Simone D. (age 11, grade 6)

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

A girl who was left on her parents doorstep at the age of three, years later finds out exactly where she came from.  It turns out that she’s actually a fairy from the magical land of Avalon.  Along with the help of her new fairy friend Tam and her other friend David she must stop the trolls from discovering the gate to Avalon.  I realy liked this book.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 16, grade 11)

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares

i am speechless.  This book forced me to feel extremely elated, and yet frequently throughout the book I cried.  It once again ties the lives of 4 best friends who are separated in the summer.  The description of the events were so vivid in my mind.  i felt as if I was a character inside the pages.  Bridget is off to Alabama, where she consoles her abandoned grandmother, Greta.  She disguises herself as a girl looking for a job named Gilda.  Lena is in her hometown Bethesda, Maryland being ripped apart by romance and can’t help but crying with heart.  Tibby is at Williamston University where she realizes she must never forget her past.  Carmen is appalled by her mother’s late night romance excursions.  Will the 4 bffs ever be the same?

—submitted by Andi B. (age 12, grade 6)

Series:  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #2

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

I highly enjoyed The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because every chapter you were in suspense.  Ann Brashare writes an epic first book of the series by tying together 4 best friends lives together when every girl was so far apart from other.  Lena is in Santorini, Greece with intense romance at every turn.  Tibby is at the girl’s home in Bethesda, Maryland working at Wallman’s when she runs into a 12 year old girl who has leukemia.  Carmen is in South Carolina with her dad who is getting married in August.  Bridget is in Baji, California at a top soccer camp with a coach she falls in love with.  you must read this to how how the girls stay together.

—submitted by Andi B. (age 12, grade 6)

Series: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #1