Can You Get an F in Lunch? by Nancy Krulik

Can You Get an F in Lunch? is about how Jenny McAffee goes into 6th grade. In the beginning of the book she is friendless because her friend Addie decided that she didn’t want to be friends with Jenny anymore. So, during the next few days, Jenny decides to eat lunch in the library, the telephone booth, and at the staircase near the cafeteria. Soon, she becomes friends with Chloe and her friends Mark, Josh, Liza, Marily, and Carolyn. I like this book because even though she was friendless for a little while, she didn’t let it get to her. I also liked it because she found good friends.

—submitted by Jessica Z. (age 13, grade 8 )

Series: How I Survived Middle School # 1

The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron

Lucky is a young girl from a very small  town in Hard Pan,California. She is not at all like other girls; she is unique. She has a foreign guardian named Brigitte and a dog with the most interesting name: HMS Beagle. Lucky is smart when she wants to be. She uses this gift to the wrong way sometimes, like she did on one hot summer day. She thought Brigitte was resigning. To show Brigitte who’s boss, Lucky and HMS Beagle run far, far away from home, into the dessert of California. When she gets far enough she realizes Brigitte wouldn’t  leave her and trys to manuever her way back home. Was Lucky able to make it back home? Was she right? The Higher Power of Lucky is an amazing book. I reccomend it to all.

— submitted by Hannah N. (age 10 grade 6)

Praying at the Sweetwater Motel By April Young Fritz

When 12 year old Sarah Janes witnesses her dad hitting her mom she is scared. Not only does it scare her to death but because her dad saw her they started to fight about her and he began hitting and slapping her. Sarah Jane’s mom knew this was enough. She was sick of all the night’s helping him into bed because he was and alchoholic and drank all night. Sarah Jane and her mom planned their escape for nights. They had money hidden for them to take and suitcases all ready to go in the closet. The night the ran away, mama help Sarah Jane’s dad into bed so he wouldn’t hear them leave. The drove countless hours directly to Ohio. The had a place all picked out to stay but it was full because there was a convention in town. So they decided to have a short stay at the sweetwater motel. Will Sarah Jane be able to cope with all the new changes and the suspence of her dad hunting them down? Or will she try to go back and see him?

—submitted by Bekka B. ( age 12, grade 8 )

Better Off Famous? by Jane Mendle

This was an awesome book!!! The day that 15 year old Annie turned 16 all she ever wanted was a driver’s license.  Her birthday gift from her Aunt was a trip to go and visit her in New York. While there, she audtions for a spot in Juiliard, the hardest music school to get into. That audition didn’t work well either.  On the way home, she got lost and asked a guy on the street for help. He happened to be the producer for a new show called Country Day. He was looking for someone to play the role of Berry, and she fit the part perfectly. WIll annie learn to balance her school, filming and paparrazzi while being miles away from home???

—submitted by Bekka B. (age 12, grade 8 )

House of Dance by Beth Kephart

Rosie’s grandfather is dying and before he passes, she would like to give him the gift of dance. Rosie enrolls in a ballroom dance class. Within a few weeks she gathers her friends together and has a dance performance night at her grandfather’s living room.
—submitted by Angelique L. (age 15, grade 10)

The Unknowns by Benedict Carey

This book was so cool. It was about these two kids, Lady Di and Tom who live in a trailer park next to a chemical plant. When one of their friends disappears, it is up to them to follow the math clues that she left to rescue her. I liked this book because it had a lot of math problems in it and I’m not too good in math. I liked how the kids didn’t get the problems at first and when they did, the book explained how they got the answer. I would recommend this book for anyone else who is having trouble in math.
—submitted by Veronica P. (age 12, grade 8 )

Parties and Potions by Sarah Mlynowski

Rachel’s and Miri’s (her sister) Samsorta is coming up. Now it is up to Rachel to decide if she wants to tell her dad about her “powers.” Plus, her friend Tammy should know too Right? What about her boyfriend, Raf? In this book, you learn what it takes for you to be a good friend, even if it means telling your secret.
—submitted by  Katrina J. (age 11, grade 7)

The Valley of Secrets by Charmian Hussey

Stephen is an orphan. He lives with his adoptive parents until he gets a letter saying that his last living relative, his great uncle, had passed away. Stephen inherited his estate along with the Amazon animals, plants and Indians that live there. I liked this book because it was really well written and I felt as if I was following Stephen around during the whole story. I think it might have been better in first person, but third person was cool too.
—submitted by Veronica P. (age 12, grade 8 )

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

I loved this book because it was the last one and Percy and Annabeth’s relationship was definitely something. I also liked how Rachel became the oracle.
—submitted by Sarah P. (age 12, grade 6) 
Series:  Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5

Blue Bloods by Melissa De la Cruz

When a few mysterious deaths pop up, was it an overdose or murder, it was a Silver Blood, the worst kind of vampires. Red bloods are just human, blue bloods and vampires and silver bloods are vampires who suck the blood out of the blue bloods
—submitted by Katie-Lynn R. (age 13, grade 8 )
Series: Blue Bloods #1