Killing Britney by Sean Olin

SPOLIER ALERT: This book really grabbed my attention.  Throughout the whole book I had one suspect who could be doing the killings.  Once they arrested Bobby for killing people, including Britney, I was really surprized because I didn’t think it would be him.  It wasn’t untill the last chapter that I learned who was doing the killing and I felt like I had read a totally different book.  In the end it was really Britney who killed her loved ones because she thought they were going to find out that Britney and her boyfriend drowned her mother.  

—submitted by Megan S. (age 13, grade 8 )

W.I.T.C.H. A Weakened Heart by Alice Alfonsi

In this book, Will overcomes her fears and obsticals and receives another heart of candracar.  She and her friends must then go and help candracar fight off the evil Nerissa. I liked this book becuase it was full of adventure and friendhip.  I also love the W.I.T.C.H. series.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 15, grade 10)

Series:  W.I.T.C.H. #21

W.I.T.C.H. The Courage to Choose by Kate Egan

In this book, Cornelia, the guardian over the power earth, has absorbed all the guardians powers because of the energy blob.  She feels so pwoerful that she brings her love Caleb back to life from being turned into a flower.  Cornelia then gets in trouble with the council of candracer for bringing Caleb back.  her firends then coem to her rescue and the guardians get their power back.  After that they all become friends again.  I liked this book because it was full of romance and adventure and I love the W.I.T.C.H. series.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 15, grade 10)

Series:  W.I.T.C.H. #15

Death by Design by Carolyn Keene

In this book a famous fashion designer receives threatening phone calls just before a big fashion show.  She then calls Nancy to investigate.  While Nancy is investigating someone attempts to poison the famous fashion designer and accidentally poisons Nancy.  Now Nancy must hurry to solve the case and find the antidote before it’s too late.  I enjoyed this book because it’s full of adventure and suspense.  I also love mysteries and the Nancy Drew series.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 15, grade 10)

Series:  Nancy Drew Files #30

The Black Widow by Carolyn Keene

In this book, nancy Drew goes on a crusie and senses someething suspicious.  She later finds out that a collection of emeralds from a series of robberies years ago is hidden on the boat.  And the map to where they’re hidden is in the form of a drawing of a black widow spider.  It was good, but kind of confusing.

—submitted by Tara S. (age 13, grade 8 )

Series:  Nancy Drew Files #28

Playing with Fire by Carolyn Keene

In this book, Nancy is called to L.A. to help solve an arson case.  When she arrives in L.A., two more arson’s happen and she’s beginning to think that they’re all related in some way.  After almost being killed on more than one occasion, she finally gets to the bottom of the mystery.  I enjoyed this book because I love mysteries and it was full of adventure.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 15, grade 10)

Series:  Nancy Drew Files # 26

White Water Terror by Carolyn Keene

In this book nancy’s friend George wins a contest to go white water rafting, although he doesn’t remember entering the contest.  George invites Nancy, Bess, and Ned to come along.  As it turns out, there never was a contest, it was just a set up to kill Nancy.  I enjoyed this book because it’s full of adventure and suspense and I love mysteries.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 15, grade 10)

Series:  Nancy Drew Files # 6

a royal mess

“A royal mess” is about a  princess who is not  very stylish and doesn’t want to be .

Unfortunately her mother wants her to look pretty for her bithday party .

It ends up that her mother starts to relate to her tomboyish ways.

—submitted by Monica W. (age 12, grade 7)

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

SPOILER ALERT:  In the beginning, Bella Swan is the new girl in school.  Everyone wants to be her friend, except Edward Cullen.  After being stubborn and unkind Edward finally introduces himself and they gradually become friends.  Bella knows that Edward is not normal.  After a while she finds out that Edward is a vampire. They fall in love.  There are a bunch of complications that happen in the book but the main one is when a family of real vampires (human eating) comes into their territory.  One of the vampires in that group won’t give up searching for Bella as the Cullens try to hide her away from him.  In the end, the Cullens kill the bad vampire and Bella is safe.

—submitted by Katie Y. (age 14, age 9)

Series:  Twilight #1

The Cupid Chronicles by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

The book I read was about a girl named Willa.  She’s a freshman at Bramble Academy.  The problem in this sotry is that the Bramble Library’s having some trouble paying for the library and Willa and her friend Tina need to fundraise for a cause they care depply about.  In this book, there’s caring, a little comdey, sadness, and romance where Willa has a crush on JFK, standing for Joseph Frances Kennelly.

This book was awesome! It was so interesting , actually it’s the best book I’ve ever read!!! :)

—submitted by Kate C. (age 11, grade 6)

Sequel to: The wedding planner’s daughter