Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall by Wendy Mass

When Tessa gets hit in the head during a dodgeball game, she is knocked unconscious.  A fellow patient leads her through the mall and all the bad choices she ever made, and what made her who she is now.  This story was written in verse and very funny.

—submitted by Angelique L. (age 15, grade 10)

Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year by Amy Belasen

Jenny Green is fed up with the way she is treated at her Long Island high school.  For her junior year, she goes to a boarding school in Montreal.  When her boyfriend Joas betrays her, she decides to get him over, by death.  This story was excellent and well written.

—submitted by Angelique L. (age 15, grade 10)

Summer of the Swans by Betsy Cromer Byars

The book is about a girl named Sara and she has had a great summer for fourteen years but this year it’s a terrible summer and it gets worst when Charlie , her brother, gets lost and has to find him.

—submitted by Kate C. (age 11, grade 6)

Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

This book was an adventure book in which three characters traveled to the center of the earth.  Because no one has ever been to the center of the earth, so the author could make up whatever he wanted to.  When I read this book, I saw how much the director of the Journey to the Center of the earth movie varied from the original plot!  Overall, the book was exciting, and thought-provoking.

—submitted by Jordan W. (age 13, grade 9)

Platinum by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I loved this book. Acctually, I love any book about ghosts and special powers. In this book, Lilah has just figured out that she has the power of Rememberance, where she can see into people’s past, and see ghosts. She begins to see a ghost boy named Cade, who follows her around. Her boyfriend, Brock, doesn’t know about it, but another girl who is also a ghost inhabits Lilah’s best friend’s body and makes her kiss Brock. Brock gets jelous, and thinks Lilah is seeing another boy because Fuchsia kissed him. Brock and Cade fight, and it is up to Lilah to stop Brock from dying, and make Cade and Helen go away.

—submitted by Veronica P. (age 12, grade 8 )

Bittersweet by Drew Lamm

Taylor Rose is a Gramma’s  girl. She adores her grandmother, and her grandmother is her life. When Grams has a stroke and is put in a nursing home, Tatlor’s world falls apart. She stops painting, and talking, and even eating. Hedr dad tries to help, but he doesn’t know her very well. She gets her creative juices back after reading her mother’s journal, and planting rasberry bushes for Grams. Even after Grams dies, she still keeps painting.

I can totally relate to this book because I love to paint and draw. I used to be able to draw beautiful pictures, but after my grandmother died, I couldn’t do it anymore. And the funny thing is, Taylor and I have the same middle name, Rose.

—submitted by Veronica P. (age 12, grade 8 )

Adam by Ted Dekker

This book was a psychological thriller that is filled with intense, thought provoking scenes.  Although not filled with action as some thrillers are, the real strength of this book was its’ creative and unique story and characters.  The length of the book is just right, not too long or short.  The writing style is fast-paced and unconventional.  It is definitely worth reading.

—submitted by Jonathan W. (age 15, grade 11)

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