Maximum Ride: School’s Out Forever by James Patterson

This book continues on with the six flying kids trying to find their parents.  Once one of them actually found his parents, they all discovered that parents aren’t as good as friendship when they try to make money off of you.  Then the kids went back to fulfilling their destiny of saving the world.

I enjoyed this book just as much as the other one and hope to read the next soon.

—submitted by Alex D. (age 12.5)

Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment by James Patterson

This book was bout six mutant kids who could fly and had to find their destiny.  They are orphans searching for their parents while running away from other mutant werewolves called Erasers.

I enjoyed the book but am still curious on why they are mutant instead of technically enhanced.  i want to get the sequels and see what happens next.

—submitted by Alex D. (age 12.5)

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow: The Time Keeper by Rob Kidd

In this book Davy Jones is after Fitzwilliam’s watch.  Jack finds out that the watch controls time and he and Fitzy escape from Davy Jones.

I liked this book becuase it’s adventurous, daring, and filled with action.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 14)

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul by Jack Canfield

This book I love because I LOVE DOG stories.  My favorite one was the one with the old bulldog missing his owner.  That story was sad, but very happy in the end.

—submitted by Megan P. (age 11)

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm by Rob Kidd

This book is about how Jack Sparrow got a crew, a hat, and became a captain.  In this book, Jack and his crew go on an adventure looking for the sword of Cortes.  When they find the citywhere it was last, they find out someone’s taken it.

I like this book because it’s full of adventure.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 14)

Unexpected Magic by Diana Wynn Jones

This book is about stories with magic in them.  My favorite one was where the computer goes crazy.  This book was okay, not my fav, but okay.

—submitted by Megan P. (age 11)

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

I did not like this book at all.  This book is about a woman who has an affair with the most unsuspecting man in town.  It also uses lots of old English.

—submitted by Kathleen W. (age 14)

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

This was the last book in the Twilight series and I loved it.  The sage continues between Edward and Bella with marriage, new members of the family, and new conflicts.  Will the Volturi ruin a perfect future?

—submitted by Kathleen W. (age 14)

The Star Cloak by Emily Rodda (Fairy Realm #7)

In this book, Jessie’s friend Giff the elf rips the star cloak and then goes to Jessie for help.  Jessie then goes on an adventure to Stardust Mountain to get the star cloak fixed before Wish Night.

I liked this book because it’s adventurous and magical.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 14)

The Unicorn by Emily Rodda (Fairy Realm #6)

In this book, the evil Valdacomes back and tries to take over the realm again.  She threatens Jessie that if she doesn’t open the Realm for her then she’ll hurt her friends.  But if she lets Valda into the Realm, she’ll hurt her Realm friends.  In the end, Valda is destroyed.

I liked this book because it’s magical and adventurous.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 14)