Riding the Storm by Salamanda Drake (Dragonsdale series)

In the book Dragonsdale Riding the Storm a dragon rider named Cara and her best friend, Breena, get in a nasty fight because Breena is jealous that Cara is a better rider than her even though she hasn’t been riding as long as Breena. Breena’s dragon gets injured and she isn’t allowed to compete in the competitions, and she needs to in order to qualify for the Island Championships and join the gannd flight.

When she goes some place quiet to think with her dragon she ends up getting stuck in a cave. Cara forgets about their fight and goes looking to save Breena before the high tide swallows her and her dragon into the sea. Cara, with the help of her merboy friend, find and save Breena. The two girls then become the best of friends again.

This book is the second one in it’s series and I loved it.

—submitted by Rebecca S. (age 14)