Witch & Wizard Book 2 by James Patterson

Again, James Patterson left me speechless and begging for more! Now, Wisty and Whit are in deeper trouble. Although, it seems like “The One” does not want people to know that Wisty is alive. On a news report, the pronounced her dead. With the “New Order” on their trail, they try to uncover their family secrets and eventually they will get their answers.

–A.S. (13)

Witch & Wizard Book 1 by James Patterson

The graphic novel left me wanting more! It tells the tale of a sister and brother fighting for their rights. The New Order takes over and is capturing and executing all witches and wizards. With their parents missing, Wisty and her brother Whit must battle with “The One” who is responsible for this “Order” and is hungry for power. I couldn’t help but read the next volume of this series and loved it.

–A.S. (13)

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent is the sequel to Divergent. Tris Prior, now a wanted girl, is banded with a group of rebels, intent on saving the populous from a mind control serum that has been implemented by a despot hiding a terrible secret. This sequel was not as good as the first one, but was still interesting and action-packed. However, the pacing was not great and there was an overdose of unnecessary, sappy romance.

–O.M. (15)

Fruits Basket Volume 21 by Natsuki Takaya

Kyo finishes telling Tohru about his involvement with her mother’s death, and why he began hating Yuki. After Tohru’s confession (finally!) Kyo runs. Akito does something almost unforgivable and amidst all the drama, two characters get together. If you thought the last volume was dramatic, this one is sure to mess with your emotions!

— S.D. (age 14)

W.A.R.P. by Eoin Colfer

This book scores a solid 7 out of 10. A boy is transported from the past to the future where a team of F.B.I. agents are waiting for them. His master, a ruthless assassin, who has no concept of a conscience wants him back. When a team of go to the past to stop him, he is waiting.

— N.D. (age 14)

Twilight Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer

Isabella Swan moved to Forks to be with her dad. She meets a boy with a dark secret. He is the world’s greatest predator. I really like how Bella takes all these risks to be with Edward.

— L.P. (age 15)

Children of the Sea by Daisuke Igarashi

Children of the Sea is an absolutely amazing book. It’s all about these two kids who have lived in the sea ever since they were young. The art is gorgeous, absolutely beautiful.

— A.A. (age 13)

Library Wars Volume 2 by Kiiro Yumi

Iku finds out the mystery of the missing books that have been occurring in a month. Also, she got asked out by someone that hates her and makes her all confused. She realized there is some else … her hero … I like this book because it’s witty and full of action.

— D.B. (age 17)

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

You’ve never seen a Cinderella story like this. Cinder is a cyborg, part robot and not welcome in society. However, she’s the best mechanic in New Beijing which is how she gets the honor of fixing the prince’s broken android. Everything goes downhill from there when Cinder’s younger stepsister is infected by the deadly plague. Her evil stepmother donates her body to plague research and Cinder ends up finding more about herself than she ever wished. This thrilling sci-fi spin of the Disney princess will leave you dying for the next book.

— S.D. (age 14)

Kamisama Kiss Volume 3 by Julietta Suzumi

The shrine has sure been keeping Nanami Momozono busy after unknowingly becoming a local deity. The tensions between Tomoe and Nanami grow (to her anyways) and Nanami is kidnapped by a lonely snake she saved to become his bride! Tomoe gets in touch with his feminine nature and his secret past is revealed! Be ready to laugh at the antics of these characters in Kamisama Kiss!

— S.D. (age 14)