Blood Relatives 2 by Ellen Schreiber

Raven and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, made a plan to fool his cousin of getting the false veils. They eventually succeed but Raven finds out Alexander dated one of the groupies…plus her journal dropped that contained what she had done…even the plans. I love this book because of the suspense in it, and how it’s better than Twilight.

–D.B. (17)

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

This book scores a 9.5/10
The sequel to the book The Immortal Rules, it was amazing. The author had a perfect mix of romance, action, suspense, and just plain out hating some characters. I would recommend this look to anyone who can read!!!

–N.D. (14)

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Unwind takes place in a world where children (orphans) are used as organ donors against their will. The ethical dilemma is that, technically, the “unwound” children are alive after their organ donations. The book focuses on the lives of children who are on the run to avoid being unwound. The plot of the book and the characters were very good, but the writing style was terrible.

–O.M. (15)

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron is a prison like no other; the prisoners live and die in their own dangerous world. All prisoners dream of an escape to an outside world that may not exist. That is, until prisoner Finn finds a device that gives him a connection to the outside world, and the possibility of escape. The outside world is a world trapped in time. Law requires all citizens to live strictly by the customs of a designated time period. This book had an excellent concept and dynamic characters, but was confusing at time.

–O.M. (15)

Of Witches and Wind by Shelby Bach

Of Witches and Wind is the 2nd book in the Ever After series. It follows the adventures of 12 year old Rory Laden the daughter of two famous movie stars. This book is about her quest to find the Water of Life in order to save everyone at the Ever After School.

–R.D. (12)

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

Charlie lives in a dystopian future kingdom where citizens are divided into castes based off the languages they can speak. Charlie possesses the gift of being able to speak any language, a talent that, if found out, would result in her execution. Do not be fooled by the interesting concept. This book is terrible. The characters are undeveloped and boring, the plot is extremely poorly executed, and the writing is atrocious. The only people who should read The Pledge are those who enjoy cheap romance novels that no one buys at Stop and Shop, because frankly, this book was sappy beyond belief and could very well have had a picture of Fabio on the cover.
Please, spare yourself.

–O.M. (15)

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent takes place in dystopian Chicago, where society is divided into communities based on certain valued personality traits. Tris Prior is faced with the difficult decision of choosing which community she will join and face the rigorous training and initiation to become a member of her new “faction.” Tris, however, has the dangerous ability of being a “divergent,” and must learn what this means, and why this is so dangerous. This book was interesting and gripping, but the writing and character were only ok.

–O.M. (15)

Matched by Ally Condie

Cassia lives in “The Society,” a government of ordered simplicity. A limited amount of past culture is preserved, all others are destroyed. Cassia is given a page of illegal poetry by her Grandfather. Without the ability to create or even to write, Cassia finds conflict with the possibility of free will and imagination. This story, though interesting, is spoiled by a cliche love triangle and poor writing.

–O.M. (15)

Blood Relatives 1 by Ellen Schreiber

In this novel, Raven gets herself a boyfriend. But not just any boyfriend…a vampire one. But Raven got involved with her boyfriend, Alexander, and his relatives knowing she must steal some information to save her best friend, Becky. I love this book because it fits more like my style.

–D.B. (17)

Malice by Chris Wooding

This book is about some kids who get trapped in a comic book game world. This continues into the book Havoc.

–S.R. (17)