Jinx by Margaret Wild

Jen was just an ordinary person whose luck got turned around … dramatically. Turns out people are dying everything they’re with jen. She is now referred to as Jinx, so watch and beware. I don’t like the novel because the book is more poem-like so it gets confusing.

— D.B. (age 17)

This Full House by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Thsi book is the last in a trilogy which I did not know, however, it does not seem to matter as the author provides plenty of information.  This book has a very good story and I enjoyed it very much.

—submitted by Angelique L. (age 15, grade 10)

Trilogy:  Make Lemonade #3

The Watsons go to Birmingham – 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis

One of the Watsons sons is a trouble maker and his parents finally send him to live with their parents.  They decide to bring him there by car and all travel together.  This book was one of the best I read.

—submitted by Megan P. (age 11)

Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Sandell

Elaine is in love with Lancelot during a war, but once she was hurt and wake up she realized she loved Tristan not Lancelot.   Elaine lived with an army.  This book had drama, everything…I loved it.

—submitted by Megan P. (age 11)

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

I liked that the book was in poetry form.  Also, this ended the book, and I hate when they leave books on a cliffhanger.  This book is about Kristin A Snows continuous ongoing battle with chrystal meth.  This time, however, another character is added, her baby.  Will she be able to give up something she loves for her child?  Unfortunately not.

—submitte by Kathleen W. (age 14)