The Week by various

The Week is a news magazine that collects different stories and opinions about happenings in the world and condenses it all into a magazine that is under 100 pages. Many issues around the world are featured, all with many opposing views. I like that it tries not to be biased and gives you a full spectrum of voices. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to stay informed.

— A.L. (age 14)

The Valley Breeze – August 6, 2009

The Valley Breeze is a local Cumberland/Lincoln newspaper featuring town events and activities.  This week, one of the greatest Cumberland events was featured, Cumberlandfest.  The article described the food, rides, and entertainment available for visitors.  In addition, there was an interesting article about proposed historic sites in the Arnold Mills area.  The differing opinions of several homeowners in the community were published.  This week’s edition of the paper also featured several intriguing letters to the editor.  The most common topic seemed to be the controversial health care reform plan in Congress now.

The Valley Breeze is always great to read.  It brings me up to speed on many of the most important local issues in town today.

—submitted by Alysa R. (age 15, grade 11)

Valley Breeze – Sports

I really liked it because I love sports and I am on many sports teams so i thought this section was fitting for me.  It was about how younger people were really good and how the baseball players were getting better and how they were making it into the majors.  I would like to be like these people because baseball is my favorite sport.

—submitted by Dylan J. (age 13, grade 8 )