The Week by various

The Week is a news magazine that collects different stories and opinions about happenings in the world and condenses it all into a magazine that is under 100 pages. Many issues around the world are featured, all with many opposing views. I like that it tries not to be biased and gives you a full spectrum of voices. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to stay informed.

— A.L. (age 14)

Seventeen Magazine (August 2011)

This is definitely my favorite magazine and this issue is one of the best so far. There’s articles about back-to-school fashion, and an article about cyberbullying. My favorite part of this month’s issue is the beauty smartie part, which shows real girls and how they get the perfect look. This magazine also shows you how to stay in shape, and features an interview with Emma Watson.
–L.R. (age 13)

Seventeen Magazine (June/July 2010)

In the June/July issue of Seventeen magazine, there were tips about finding a great swimsuit for your body, an exclusive interview with Ashley Greene, and tips about staying safe at the beach, such as how far out to swim or not to swim near certain areas. I loved the interview with Ashley Greene. I really love Twilight, so this issue was a great thing to read.

Seventeen Magazine (August 2010)

In the August 2010 issue of Seventeen magazine, there are many beauty, hair,  and fashion tips, plus a guide on how to find the perfect jean for your body. I especially liked the tips on how to find the right jean because it makes it easy to find jeans as the jeans are organized by type, for example, bootcut vs. flare vs. skinny.

Nick Magazine

The magazine was about celebrating 10 years of Sponge Bob Square Pants.  I liked it because it made differnet versions of Sponge Bob, Sponge Bob quizzes, puzzles, and comics.

—submitted by Haley L. (age 11, grade 6)

Choices magazine by Scholastic

I had connections with this magazine.  When I was in school I had a DARE program.  I learned about drugs and how teenagers shouldn’t take them.  In the magazine it gave info about a drug called SALVIA.  I liked the article about the girl who changed her name.  She did this because she didn’t want to dissect frogs.  She is now called Cutout Wow!

—submitted by Kayle Ky. (age 11, grade 6)

seventeen magazine:june 2009

seventeen magazine is a “fashion-forward” magazine  with the occasional mentioning of celebrities.For example:this issue focuses on what type of bathing suit best fits your body.seventeen  is  known for it’s vogue tips,tricks and amazing knowledge of the century’s urban ensemles.If you haven’t noticed already,the latest fashion statements are come-backs from the early 50′s to the late 80′s.Most fashion magazines are following this trend,but not seventeen .This particular magazine is amping up their style and expirementing with new clothing and accessories.seventeen should definately be magazine of ’09.

–submitted by Hannah N. (age 10, grade 6)

Sports Illustrated Kids: Baseball Preview 2008

This was a great magazine because I love to play and read about baseball. I am on five different teams (Regular season, Fallball, All-stars, Travel, and School). I like to read about everyone’s stats and how well they play.

—submitted by spike (age 12)