Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill by James Patterson

James Patterson hooks me to read another book in the Middle School series, and I was thrilled to get to read it. Rafe Khatchadorian takes me on another adventure summer camp. Yet, thinking having to do schoolwork is hard enough, he must face bullies in order to help his friends, even though he could get in serious trouble. here we go again.

— A.S. (age 13)

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary by Jeff Kinney

I liked it because it was about how all the Diary of a Wimpy Kidbooks became movies. Zachary Gordon, the person who played Greg, read the books and thought they should become movies. And they did!

— S.H. (age 11)

Yotsuba &! Volume 1 by Kiyohiko Azuma

The book is about an orphan who got adopted and moved in with a guy that treats her like his own child. Yotsuba is also different from everyone else which makes her special. I love this book because you never know what will happen so it doesn’t really foreshadow anything.

— D.B. (age 17)

Yotsuba &! Volume 9 by Kiyohiko Azuma

In this novel, Yotsuba’s dad bought Yotsuba her very own 1st teddy bear when he was buying a coffee maker. Since Fuuka was studying for exams, Yotsuba thought bringing her coffee will help but failed miserably twice by spilling it. Eventually, the neighbors go into Yotsuba’s house and drink the coffee there (plus cleaned). At the end of the book, Yotsuba and her dad and the the neighbors woke up early in the morning to see hot air balloons. I recommend to read this book and other volumes because it is very interesting and funny. I can’t just put down the books till I’m done reading it.

— D.B. (age 17)

Yotsube &! Volume 7 by Kiyohiko Azuma

In the novel, Yotsuba learns to talk to people at a great amount of distance using cups attached to a string or two. Plus, Yotsuba gets a fever and rests all day from not sleeping early enough to go to the ranch. When she got to go to the ranch for the first time, she realized how hard it is to work on the ranch. This novel is great because she learns that being on the ranch is fun but yet hard work because you have to take care of everything.

— D.B. (age 17)

Yotsuba &! Volume 5 by Kiyohiko Azuma

In this novel, Yotsuba met a robot made out of cardboard that runs on money. She also learns to stargaze by using a telescope and went to the beach for the first time. She played until all of her energy went out. I like this book because in the novel, she became really childish when it comes to ice cream and not having here way.

— D.B. (age 17)

Yotsuba &! Volume 4 by Kiyohiko Azuma

In this book, Yotsuba plays rock, paper, scissors with her dad. Every time she loses she gets hit by a newspaper. Yotsuba thought about losing the game was that grown ups are no fair and are meanies. Yotsuba also finds out Fuuka had a heartbreak and tells everyone even though it was supposed to be a secret. She also finds out that after summer is fall and that a certain bug ends summer. I like this book because Yotsuba learns some valuable lessons but also had fun with it too.

— D.B. (age 17)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Story by Jeff Kinney

In the novel, Greg tries to make everyone have a New Year’s resolution even though no one will follow up on it. Plus, someone has been stealing his snacks so Greg tries to find out who by hiding in a bunch of laundry, finding out it’s his dad doing it. At the end of the novel, Greg and his dad just took some more snacks and start summer without going to military school. I like this novel because it is a little realistic and reminds me of what I used to do when I was little.

— D.B. (age 17)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney

Greg is still not friends with Rowley and now he needs a new friend for school. When school starts, Greg had to take care of an egg for health but failed miserably when his mom cooked it to make scrambled eggs the next morning. At the end of the novel, Greg and Rowley become best friends again and Greg had “the talk” with his grandma. I love this novel because it is interesting and funny in many different ways.

— D.B. (age 17)

Yotsuba &! Volume 3 by Kiyohiko Azuma

Throughout the book, Yotsuba finds out Jumbo is a florist and ends up with a great amount of flowers, it almost filled out a whole room. Then her dad convinced her to be a flower cupid and get rid of some flowers by giving some away. At the end of the book, Jumbo had to pay for 3 kids including Yotsuba for everything in the carnival. Also Yotsuba went to the zoo for her first time and saw the fireworks. I love this book because Yotsuba gets to go on a bunch of adventures.

— D.B. (age 17)