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Stop motion animation is the original technique used to
create an animated sequence. Each frame is created and photographed (or digitized) independently.

Our classes are taught by Zach Dyer of Eyeson Animation

Created in Summer 2008
Running Late
Excellion is running late and from the law. A high speed chase, Transformer style.
Created in Summer 2007

Walt's got a sweet new ride. With the world's most advanced alarm system. No one is gonna mess with his wheels.
Created in Summer 2006

Spectator Sport
What started as a Joust between two knights, rapidly becomes an all out slugfest between the entire crowd.

Hunter Hunt
Those crazy hunters are at it again. Though this time they're going after some bigger prey, but once again they've bitten off more then they can chew.

Joust Ninjas
What's scarier then a Ninja on a motor cycle? Give up? The answer is 2 NINJAS ON MOTOR CYCLES!

Created in Summer 2005

Damsel In Distress
The kids came up with this film using the classic theme of "lady in danger". And add a little twist of their own.

The Penguin Hunt
Students created a slapstick comedy with a "kill the beast" theme to it. Only the "Beast" has a surprise for his would be hunters.