How to Avoid Renovation Horrors

Wednesday, February 17th  /  6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Seminar Room

Remodeling can actually be a pleasant experience, not just a necessary pain. (Dust is not required either.) This class will help you to select the professional who is right for you and your circumstances. Topics include:

* How remodeling can help your home’s marketability & functionality
* Acting as your own General Contractor: Pros & Cons
* Doing It Yourself (DIY): Pros & Cons
* More tricks used by unscrupulous contractors
* The dangers of “get 3 bids and pick the middle one”
* What to expect during a renovation (inconveniences and emotional upsets)
* Drawings & design professionals (architects)
* How to keep the dust out of your life, literally (lead safety)

Reservations assure you a seat: (401) 333-2552, x 2 or register below.

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