Make Your Own Video Game!!

Saturday October 19, 2013
10:30 AM  -  12:30 PM

Contact: Jenn Cournoyer   401-333-2552 x2

The Rhode Island Computer Museum will present a free Workshop call “Make Your Own Video Game”.  This is a great chance to put down your controllers and take time to learn interactive software titled “Scratch” and create your own “video game” sample.  Presented by our learning team, the program will also include an exhibit on “Historic Video Games”. The exhibit aims to explain the impact of Early Video Games and then teach the MIT developed youth program “Scratch”.  Scratch is a computer program developed to teach software coding and allows you can create your own “video game” sample. The workshop aims to explain how early video games were made and give students new skills to develop their own games.

The presentation is part of ongoing traveling exhibits by the Rhode Island Computer Museum.

Ages 11-18 welcome.  Space is limited.  Please register here or by calling or visiting the reference desk.

Location: Seminar Room

There are 18 spaces available.

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