Interviewing 2 of 3 Part Session

Wednesday, March 28th    /   10:00 AM  -  11:30 AM

Contact: Jessica D’Avanza   401-333-2552 x2

Join us for this free workshop presented by Consolidated Consulting & Recruiting Services, LLC., as we learn the skills needed to interview effectively. The presenter suggests attending all three of the workshops, but is is not required.

Interviewing Skills (Part 1 of 3 Part Series): How to Prepare for an Interview—March 21st.
In this workshop you will learn how showing up for an interview unprepared is like showing up to a test without studying. Learn what you should do before your interview so that you look professional and knowledgeable on the big day.

Interviewing Skills (Part 2 of 3 Part Series): Effective Interviewing—March 28th.
You’ve just landed the interview for the job you want, now what?
Successful interviewing will be essential in order for you to lock in an offer. In this workshop we provide tips and strategies for effective interviewing from preparation through follow-up.

Interviewing Skills (Part 3 of 3 Part Series): The Art of Interviewing—April 4th.
As with every skill you’ve ever learned, you have to learn the technique and then practice, practice, practice. In this workshop you will walk through the interview step-by-step. A mock interview will help you perfect your technique and offer valuable feedback and coaching on your performance. During the mock interview you will learn introductions and greetings, a proper handshake and eye contact, interview etiquette, listening and answering questions directly, how to end the interview, and the proper follow-up.
Location: Seminar Room

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