eBay Hands-on Workshop

Saturday March 26, 2011    /     9:30 AM  -  2:30 PM

In this class, you’ll learn how to use e-Bay, the world’s most popular online auction Web site for buying and selling items.

Each participant will have access to a laptop computer. At the end of this workshop your information will be on e-Bay.

Skills that will be taught include:
* Creating a username and password
* Maneuvering through the site
* Finding what you’re looking for
* Posting things to sell
* Checking the reliability of sellers and buyers
* Resources available to ensure transactions
* Taking and attaching digital photos to the e-Bay item for sale
* Mailing and Insurance information and more…

Prerequisites: A fundamental working knowledge of computers and familiarization with the Internet, for example: uploading, downloading and e-mail.
There will be a 20 minute lunch break. Participants need to bring their own food and drink.
Limit 10.
Fee: $20, payable at advance in-person registration (required).

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