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Graphic Novels

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Adler, Elizabeth Last to know F/ADL
Atkins, Ace The forsaken F/ATK
Barrett, Lorna Book clubbed F/BAR
Beauman, Sally The visitors F/BEA
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda Bittersweet F/BEV
Bohjalian, Chris Close your eyes, hold hands F/BOH
Bova, Ben New frontiers F/BOV
Box, C. J. Shots fired F/BOX
Brooks, Terry The High Druid's blade F/BRO
Burke, James Lee Wayfaring stranger F/BUR
Carcaterra, Lorenzo The wolf F/CAR
Carter, Stephen L. Back channel F/CAR
Castillo, Linda The dead will tell F/CAS
Clark, Marcia The competition F/CLA
Clement, Blaize The cat sitter's nine lives F/CLE
Coulter, Catherine Power play F/COU
Dailey, Janet Texas true F/DAI
  Deadly pleasures F/DEA
Deutermann, Peter T. Sentinels of fire F/DEU
Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see F/DOE
Doiron, Paul The bone orchard F/DOI
Dolan, Harry The last dead girl F/DOL
Garwood, Julie Fast track F/GAR
Gilman, Susan Jane The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street F/GIL
Griffin, Laura Far gone F/GRI
Griffin, W.E.B. Top secret F/GRI
Grossman, Lev The magician's land F/GRO
Harkness, Deborah E. The book of life F/HAR
Healey, Emma Elizabeth is missing F/HEA
Heller, Peter The painter F/HEL
Henderson, Smith Fourth of July Creek F/HEN
Herbert, Brian The little green book of Chairman Rahma F/HER
Hunt, James Patrick The detective F/HUN
Iles, Greg Natchez burning F/ILE
Jackson, Lisa Deserves to die F/JAC
Jance, Judith A. Remains of innocence F/JAN
Johansen, Iris Sight unseen F/JOH
Kinnings, Max Baptism F/KIN
Koontz, Dean R. The city F/KOO
Lawson, Michael House reckoning F/LAW
Mallery, Susan Evening stars F/MAL
Mapson, Jo-Ann Owen's daughter F/MAP
Milchman, Jenny Ruin Falls F/MIL
North, Oliver, Counterfeit lies F/NOR
Palmer, Diana Invincible F/PAL
Patterson, Richard North Eden in winter F/PAT
Perry, Karen, The innocent sleep F/PER
Preston, Douglas J. The Lost Island F/PRE
Pronzini, Bill Strangers F/PRO
Rollins, James The kill switch F/ROL
Rosenfelt, David Hounded F/ROS
Rucka, Greg Bravo F/RUC
Siddons, Anne Rivers The girls of August F/SID
Silva, Daniel The heist F/SIL
Stevens, Chevy That night F/STE
Stevens, Taylor The catch F/STE
Steel, Danielle A perfect life F/STE
Straub, Emma The vacationers F/STR
Taylor, Brad Days of rage F/TAY
Thor, Brad Act of war F/THO
Turtledove, Harry Last orders F/TUR
Verdon, John Peter Pan must die F/VER
Woods, Stuart Cut and thrust F/WOO
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Binchy, Maeve Chestnut Street F/BIN LP
Deaver, Jeffery The skin collector F/DEA LP
Evanovich, Janet Top secret twenty-one F/EVA LP
Garlock, Dorothy Take me home F/GAR LP
Gloss, Susan Vintage F/GLO LP
Hawkins, Margaret Lydia's party F/HAW LP
Hilderbrand, Elin The matchmaker F/HIL LP
Hyzy, Julie A. Home of the braised F/HYZ LP
LaPlante, Alice A circle of wives F/LAP LP
Lee, Linda Francis The glass kitchen F/LEE LP
Lindsey, Johanna Stormy Persuasion F/LIN LP
Martin, Valerie The ghost of the Mary Celeste F/MAR LP
Miller, Sue The arsonist F/MIL LP
Monroe, Mary Alice The summer wind F/MON LP
Patterson, James Invisible F/PAT LP
Roberts, Nora Dark witch F/ROB LP
Rosenfelt, David Without warning F/ROS LP
Steinhauer, Olen The Cairo affair F/STE LP
Thor, Brad Act of War F/THO LP
Wilson, Teri Unleashing Mr. Darcy F/WIL LP
Keaton, Diane Let's just say it wasn't pretty B/KEAT LP
Kasson, John F., The little girl who fought the Great Depression B/TEMP LP
Collie, Rob PowerPivot alchemy 005.54/COL
Wright, Alex, Cataloging the world 020.9/WRI
Dempsey, Kathy, The accidental library marketer 021.7/DEM
D'Agostino, Thomas A guide to haunted New England 133.1/DAG
Poundstone, William Rock breaks scissors 153.83/POU
Ratey, John J. Go wild 153/RAT
Kirshenbaum I love you but I don't trust you 155.6/KIR
Gordon, Terry A. No storm lasts forever 155.9/GOR
Dispenza, Joe You are the placebo 158.1/DIS
Harvey, Jason Achieve anything in just one year 158.1/HAR
Katherine, Anne When misery is company 158.1/KAT
Francis, Pope The church of mercy 282/FRA
Pan, Jessica Graduates in wonderland 302.34/PAN
Gladwell, Malcolm The tipping point 302/GLA
Shankle, Melanie The antelope in the living room 306.81/SHA
Baker, Amy J. L. Co-parenting with a toxic ex 306.89/BAK
Devine, Jack Good hunting 327.1/DEV
Waldman, Michael The Second Amendment 344.73/WAL
Caranci, Paul F. The hanging and redemption of John Gordon 345.745/CAR
Cashin, Sheryll Place, not race 370.117/CAS
  Reading group choices 374.22/REA
Sax, David The tastemakers 394.1/SAX
Alkon, Amy Good manners for nice people who sometimes say f*ck 395/ALK
Bell, Eric Temple Men of mathematics 510.92/BEL
Ellenberg, Jordan How not to be wrong 510/ELL
Fernandez, Oscar E. Everyday calculus 515/FER
Meyer, Stephen C. Darwin's doubt 576.82/MEY
Fuhrman, Joel The end of dieting 613.25/FUH
Menounos, Maria The everygirl's guide to diet and fitness 613.25/MEN
Wall, Carol, Mister Owita's guide to gardening 635.9/WAL
Grimm, David Citizen canine 636.088/GRI
McClellan, Marisa Preserving by the pint 641.42/MCC
Deen, Bobby Bobby Deen's everyday eats 641.5635/DEE
Fried, Dinah Fictitious dishes 641.5/FRI
Romero, Terry Hope Salad samurai 641.83/ROM
Kirshenbaum, Mira Too good to leave, too bad to stay 646.78/KIR
Jones, Alexis I am that girl 646.7/JON
Michele, Lea Brunette ambition 646.7/MIC
Renner, Rona. Is that me yelling? 649.1/REN
Shapiro, Shauna L. Mindful discipline 649.64/SHA
Bryant, Adam Quick and nimble 658.4/BRY
  How to be a positive leader 658.4/DUT
Ferrazzi, Keith. Never eat alone : 658.4/FER
Hill, Linda A. Collective genius 658.4/HIL
Karvinen, Tero Make 681.25/KAR
McElroy, Darlene Olivia Alternative art surfaces 702.81/MCE
Silvera, Joe Soldering beyond the basics 739.274/SIL
Taylor, Rachael 20 ways to draw a doodle 741.2/TAY
Bilal, Enki Phantoms of the Louvre 741.59/BIL
  Marvel encyclopedia 741.5/MAR OS
Walters, Angela Free-motion quilting workbook : 746.46/WAL
Hicks, Joyce Painting beautiful watercolor landscapes 751.42/HIC
Johnson, Cathy Painting nature in watercolor with Cathy Johnson 751.42/JOH
Sharpe, Joanne The art of whimsical lettering 769.5/SHA
Correll, Robert Digital SLR photography all-in-one for dummies 771/COR
Ibrahimović, Zlatan I am Zlatan 796.334/IBR
Broadie, Mark Nathan Every shot counts 796.352/BRO
Elfrink, Tim, author Blood sport 796.357/ELF
  MLA handbook for writers of research papers 808.027/MLA
  The Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics 808.103/GRE
Seshadri, Vijay 3 sections 811.54/SES
Mollen, Jenny I like you just the way I am 818.6/MOL
  The premier book of major poets 821.008/DOR
Donne, John, 1572-1631. The complete poems of John Donne. 821.3/DON
Moran, Caitlin Moranthology 824.92/MOR
Smith, Michael N. 100 of the worst ideas in history 909/SMI
  Fodor's Italy 914.5/FOD
Morgan, George G. Advanced genealogy research techniques 919.107 MOR
Murphy, Kelly Historical heartthrobs 920.02/MUR
  Genealogy online for dummies 929.1/HEL
Irvine, Sherry. Finding your Canadian ancestors 929.1/IRV
Rising, Marsha Hoffman The family tree problem solver 929.1/RIS
Taylor, Maureen Alice Family photo detective 929.1/TAY
Kelly, Christopher The end of empire 937/KEL
Rashke, Richard L. Escape from Sobibor 940.5315/RAS
Bergerud, Eric M. Touched with fire 940.5426/BER
Bradley, James Flyboys 940.54/BRA
Brokaw, Tom The greatest generation 940.54/BRO
Leckie, Robert Okinawa 940.54/LEC
Ryan, Cornelius The last battle 940.54/RYA
Paterson, Mike A brief history of the House of Windsor 941.082/PAT
Saunt, Claudio West of the Revolution 973.3/SAU
DeRose, Chris The presidents' war 973.7/DER
Geake, Robert A. A history of the Providence River 974.52/GEA
Simpson, Richard V. Historic tales of colonial Rhode Island 974.5/SIM
Menuez, Doug, Fearless genius 979.43/MEN
Kaplan, Fred John Quincy Adams B/ADAM
Barbree, Jay Neil Armstrong B/ARMS
Hillesum, Etty Etty Hillesum B/HILL PB
Grierson, Bruce, What makes Olga run? B/KOTE
Cheney, Lynne V. James Madison B/MADI
Ōoka, Shōhei Taken captive B/OOKA
Wagner, Robert, You must remember this B/WAGN
Eyman, Scott, John Wayne B/WAYN
Graphic Novels
Heinberg, Allan Wonder Woman GN/ WHO
Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto Afterlife with Archie GN/AFT VOL. 1
Loeb, Jeph Batman GN/BAT
Loeb, Jeph Hush GN/BAT
Dini, Paul Batman GN/BAT
Diggle, Andy Living legend GN/CAP
  Captain America GN/CAP
Brubaker, Ed. Captain America GN/CAP
Byrne, Eugene Darwin GN/DAR
Borenstein, Max Godzilla GN/GOD
Johns, Geoff Blackest Night GN/GRE
Diggle, Andy Green Arrow GN/GRE
Johns, Geoff Rage of the Red Lanterns GN/GRE
Grell, Mike Green Arrow GN/GRE
Johns, Geoff Green Lantern GN/GRE
Krul, J. T. Green Arrow GN/GRE
Johns, Geoff Green Lantern : rebirth GN/GRE
Van Lente, Fred Hulk GN/HUL VOL. 1
Jones, Bruce Hulk GN/HUL
Pekar, Harvey Not the Israel my parents promised me GN/NOT
  The return of Superman GN/RET