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Appel, Jacob M. The mask of sanity F APE
Brown, Sandra Seeing red F BRO
Clark, Marcia Snap judgment F CLA
Cook, Robin Charlatans F COO
Dailey, Janet Texas fierce F DAI
Deutermann, Peter T. Red Swan F DEU
Gerritsen, Tess I know a secret F GER
Grafton, Sue Y is for yesterday F GRA
Gregory, Philippa The last Tudor F GRE
Gross, Andrew The saboteur F GRO
Krueger, William Kent Sulfur Springs F KRU
Macomber, Debbie Any dream will do F MAC
Michaels, Fern Need to know F MIC
Muller, Marcia The color of fear F MUL
Pamuk, Orhan The red-haired woman F PAM
Parker, T. Jefferson The room of white fire F PAR
Patterson, James The Store F PAT
Penny, Louise Glass houses F PEN
Peters, Ralph Judgment at Appomattox F PET
Robinson, Peter Sleeping in the ground F ROB
Scottoline, Lisa Exposed F SCO
Sharp, Zoë Fox hunter F SHA
Slaughter, Karin The good daughter F SLA
Steel, Danielle The right time F STE
Tanenbaum, Robert Without fear or favor F TAN
Wiggs, Susan Map of the heart F WIG
Woods, Stuart Barely legal F WOO
Large Print  
Glass, Julia A house among the trees F GLA LP
Monroe, Mary Alice Beach house for rent F MON LP
Simsion, Graeme C. The best of Adam Sharp F SIM LP
Prothero, Donald R. UFOs, chemtrails, and aliens 001.94 PRO
Soni, Jimmy A mind at play 003.54 SON
Merchant, Brian The one device 004.165 MER
Nye, Bill Everything all at once 153.4 NYE
Bishop, Gary John Unfu*k yourself 158.1 BIS
Bolton, Jeremy Life Changing Minimalist Living: A Guide to Decluttering Your Home, Organizing Your Life, and Simplifying It All 158.1 BOL
MacKenzie, Brian Unplugged 158.1 MAC
Leaf, Caroline The perfect you 248.4 LEA
Hatmaker, Jen Of mess and moxie 248.843 HAT
Attkisson, Sharyl The smear 302.23 ATT
Reeves, Richard V. Dream hoarders 305.5 REE
Evans, Jenelle Read between the lines 306.874 EVA
Leone, Marianne Ma speaks up 306.874 LEO
Waters, Lea The strength switch  306.874 WAT
Waite, Jen A beautiful, terrible thing 306.89 WAI
Green, Joshua Devil's bargain 324.973 GRE
Bakke, Gretchen Ann, The grid 333.793 BAK
  It's my country too 355.008 ITS
Grubbs, Vanessa Hundreds of interlaced fingers 362.196 GRU
Hesse, Monica American fire 364.164 HES
Clark, Holly The Google infused classroom 371.621 CLA
Kuo, Michelle, Reading with Patrick 371.826 KUO
Dawkins, Richard Science in the soul 500 DAW
Kean, Sam Caesar's last breath 551.51 KEA
Mezrich, Ben Woolly 591.68 MEZ
Jong, Pia de Saving Charlotte 618.92 JON
Parazynski, Scott The sky below 629.45 PAR
  Wanderlust's find your true fork 641.3 WAN
Bianco, Chris Bianco 641.5 BIA
  The complete make-ahead cookbook 641.555 COM
Tam, Michelle Ready or not! 641.563 TAM
  Martha Stewart's slow cooker 641.588 MAR
Twitty, Michael The cooking gene 641.59 TWI
Miller, Rachel Wilkerson Dot journaling--a practical guide 650.1 MIL
Kiyosaki, Robert T. More important than money 658.4 KIY
Parker, Casey How to Make Bath Bombs: Guide for Beginners with Simple Organic Recipes Step by Step 668.12 PAR
Moad, Elizabeth Paper quilling 736.98 MOA
  Muslim superheroes 741.5 MUS
Latta, Amy Hand lettering for relaxation 745.6 LAT
Gipson, Liz Handwoven home 746.14 GIP
  Flea market style 747 FLE
Steffens, Roger So much things to say 781.646 STE
Armstrong, Curtis Revenge of the nerd, or,  ... The singular adventures of the man who would be Booger 791.43 ARM
Campbell, Bruce Hail to the chin 791.43 CAM
Hornaday, Ann Talking pictures 791.43 HOR
Hellmuth, Phil Poker Brat 795.412 HEL
Eisenberg, John The streak 796.357 EIS
Handy, Bruce Wild things 809.89 HAN
Scottoline, Lisa I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool 818.54 SCO
Bauerschmidt, Tim Driving Miss Norma 917.304 BAU
Hunt, Patrick Hannibal 937 HUN
Henderson, Bruce B. Sons and soldiers 940.54 HEN
Mulley, Clare The women who flew for Hitler 940.54 MUL
Pearlman, Wendy We crossed a bridge and it trembled 956 PEA
Avlon, John P. Washington's farewell 973.4 AVL
Kaplan, Fred Lincoln and the abolitionists 973.711 KAP
Bohrer, John R. The revolution of Robert Kennedy 973.922 BOH
Levingston, Steven Kennedy and King 973.922 LEV
Jackson, Thomas Policing Ferguson, policing America 977.865 JAC