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Beattie, Ann The accomplished guest F BEA
Billingham, Mark Love like blood F BIL
Black, Benjamin Wolf on a string F BLA
Black, Cara Murder in Saint-Germain F BLA
Brooks, Terry The black elfstone F BRO
Coes, Ben Trap the devil F COE
Connolly, John A game of ghosts F CON
Cussler, Clive Nighthawk F CUS
Dailey, Janet Just a little Christmas F DAI
Dionne, Karen The Marsh King's daughter F DIO
Dobbs, Lou Putin's gambit F DOB
Doiron, Paul Knife Creek F DOI
Eisler, Barry Zero sum F EIS
Evanovich, Janet Dangerous minds F EVA
Finder, Joseph The switch F FIN
Gardiner, Meg Unsub F GAR
Godwin, Gail Grief cottage F GOD
Graham, Heather Dying breath F GRA
Green, Jane The sunshine sisters F GRE
Grisham, John Camino Island F GRI
Harrison, Colin You belong to me F HAR
Hawkins, Paula Into the water F HAW
Hilderbrand, Elin The identicals F HIL
Horowitz, Anthony Magpie murders F HOR
Jackson, Lisa You will pay F JAC
Kanon, Joseph Defectors F KAN
Kiernan, Stephen P. The baker's secret F KIE
Kingsbury, Karen Love story F KIN
King, Stephen Gwendy's button box F KIN
King, Laurie R. Lockdown F KIN
Ko, Lisa The leavers F KO
Koontz, Dean R. The silent corner F KOO
Lehane, Dennis Since we fell F LEH
Lustbader, Eric Robert Ludlum's the Bourne initiative F LUS
Maron, Margaret Take out F MAR
Mathews, Francine Death on Nantucket F MAT
Monroe, Mary Alice Beach house for rent F MON
Murakami, Haruki Men without women F MUR
Oates, Joyce Carol Dis mem ber F OAT
Patterson, James Murder games F PAT
Putney, Mary Jo Once a rebel F PUT
Quinn, Spencer The right side F QUI
Richards, Emilie The swallow's nest F RIC
Roberts, Nora Come sundown F ROB
Robards, Karen The ultimatum F ROB
Santopolo, Jill The light we lost F SAN
Stephenson, Neal The rise and fall of D.O.D.O. F STE
Steel, Danielle The duchess F STE
Thor, Brad Use of force F THO
Trigiani, Adriana Kiss Carlo F TRI
Winslow, Don The force F WIN
Woods, Stuart Indecent exposure F WOO
Large Print&
Atwood, Margaret The handmaid's tale F ATW LP
Beck, Haylen Here and Gone F BEC  LP
Brown, Karen The clairvoyants F BRO LP
Brunstetter, Wanda E. The seekers F BRU LP
Deutermann, Peter T. The commodore F DEU LP
Evanovich, Janet Dangerous minds F EVA LP
Higgins, Kristan On second thought F HIG  LP
Patterson, James 16th seduction F PAT LP
Quick, Amanda The girl who knew too much F QUI LP
Roberts, Nora Come sundown F ROB  LP
Rubart, James L. The long journey to Jake Palmer F RUB LP
Strout, Elizabeth Anything is possible F STR LP
Tóibín, Colm House of names F TOI LP
Trigiani, Adriana Kiss Carlo F TRI  LP
White, Kate The secrets you keep F WHI LP
Napoli, Lisa Ray & Joan 338.76 NAP LP
Brierley, Saroo A long way home 362.734 BRI LP
  50 years of Rolling stone 051 FIF OS
Pillay, Srinivasan S. Tinker dabble doodle try 153.4 PIL
Orloff, Judith The empath's survival guide 155.2 ORL
Abbott, Christmas The badass life 155.24 ABB
Braun, Dave Oola for women 158.1 BRA
Brits, Louisa Thomsen The book of hygge 158.1 BRI
  Desmond, Tim The self-compassion skills workbook 158.1 DES
Eurich, Tasha Insight 158.1 EUR
Gawdat, Mo Solve for happy 158.1 GAW
Stulberg, Brad Peak performance 158.1 STU
Virtue, Doreen 10 messages your angels want you to know 202.15 VIR
Kornfield, Jack No time like the present 204.4 KOR
LaPorte, Danielle White hot truth 204.4 LAP
Bell, Rob What is the Bible? 220.61 BEL
Meyer, Joyce Enjoy your journey 248.4 MEY
Martin, James, 1960-  Building a bridge 282.086 MAR
Nhất Hạnh The art of living 294.3 NHA
Prinstein, Mitch Popular 302.1 PRI
Tufekci, Zeynep Twitter and tear gas 302.3 TUF
Dillon, Justin A selfish plan to change the world 303.4 DIL
Sasse, Benjamin E. The vanishing American adult 305.24 SAS
McCourt, Malachy Death need not be fatal 305.26 MCC
Petersen, Anne Helen Too fat, too slutty, too loud 305.4 PET
Lebron, Christopher J. The making of Black lives matter 305.896 LEB
Gay, Roxane Hunger 306.4 GAY
Davis, Heath Fogg Beyond trans 306.768 DAV
Meeker, Margaret J.  Hero 306.874 MEE
MacLean, Nancy Democracy in chains 320.53 MAC
Allison, Graham T. Destined for war 327.73 ALL
Goins, Jeff Real artists don't starve 331.7 GOI
McKey, Zoe Minimalist Budget 332.024 MCK
Mahaffey, James A. Atomic adventures 333.7924 MAH
  Carrozza, Ann-Margaret Love & money 346.73 CAR
Lukach, Mark My lovely wife in the psych ward 362.2 LUK
Soufan, Ali H. Anatomy of terror 363.325 SOU
Ruhlman, Michael Grocery 381.56 RUH
Cham, Jorge We have no idea 523.1 CHA
Davis, William Undoctored 615.535 DAV
Petersen, Andrea On edge 616.85 PET
Hampton, Dan The flight 629.13 HAM
Kluger, Jeffrey Apollo 8 629.464 KLU
Calvo, Janit The gardening in miniature prop shop  635.9 CAL
English, Ashley The essential book of homesteading 640 ENG
Blais, Richard, So good 641.5 BLA
Taylor, Kathryne, Love real food 641.5636 TAY
Peterson, Megan Flynn  The big 10 paleo spiralizer cookbook 641.5638 PET
Edge, John T. The potlikker papers 641.5975 EDG
Hulse, Caroline Sew Caroline. Weekend style 646.4 HUL
Rapinchuk, Becky Simply clean 648.5 RAP
Jiwa, Bernadette, Hunch 650.1 JIW
Romolini, Jennifer Weird in a world that's not 650.1 ROM
Trump, Ivanka Women who work 650.108 TRU
Wiseman, Liz Multipliers 658.4 WIS
Renea, Amy Crafting with nature 745.5 REN
Roberts, Kat Crafting for cat ladies 745.5 ROB
Andersen, Lauren One jump ring 745.56 AND
  Abelew, Theresa Jewelry making with resin 745.59 ABE
Petiot, Gwenaël, Bohemian Macramé 746.42 PET
Nicholson, Nancy Modern folk embroidery 746.44 NIC
Linsley, Leslie Salvage style  747.1 LIN
Fourez, Liz A touch of farmhouse charm 747.88 FOU
Gould, Jonathan Otis Redding 781.64 GOU
White, Ryan Jimmy Buffett 781.64 WHI
Nevins, Sheila You don't look your age and other fairy tales 791.43 NEV
Sidibe, Gabourey This is just my face 791.43 SID
Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin Seinfeldia 791.45 ARM
Tambor, Jeffrey Are you anybody? 791.45 TAM
Ervin, Andrew Bit by bit 794.8 ERV
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Coach Wooden and me 796.323 ABD
Positano, Rock G. Dinner with DiMaggio 796.357 POS
Evans, Harold Do I make myself clear? 808.042 EVA
Klosterman, Chuck Chuck Klosterman X 909.83 KLO
Steves, Rick Italy's Cinque Terre 914.5 STE
Freeman, Sally Mott The Jersey brothers 940.54 FRE
Kleiss, N. Jack Never call me a hero 940.54 KLE
Miéville, China October 947.084 MIE
Bowden, Mark Hûé 1968 959.704 BOW
Goscha, Christopher E. Vietnam 959.704 GOS
Anthony, Dave The United States of absurdity 973 ANT
  JFK 973.922 KEN
Oliphant, Thomas The road to Camelot 973.922 OLI
Dederer, Claire Love and trouble B DEDE
Le Roy, Maximilien Thoreau 818.39 LER  GN
Breathed, Berke The Bill the Cat story BLO BIL GN
Busiek, Kurt Conan omnibus CON OMN VOL. 1 GN
Busiek, Kurt Conan omnibus CON OMN VOL. 2 GN
King, Stephen Creepshow CRE GN
Percy, Benjamin Green Arrow DC ARR REBIRTH VOL. 1 GN
Snyder, Scott Batman DC BAT VOL. 10 GN
Snyder, Scott Batman DC BAT VOL. 9 GN
Barr, Mike W. Batman and the Outsiders DC BAT OUT VOL. 1 GN
King, Tom Batman DC BAT Rebirth VOL. 1 GN
King, Tom Batman DC BAT Rebirth VOL. 2 GN
Tynion, James Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DC BAT TEE VOL. 1 GN
Priest, Christopher J. The professional DC DST Rebirth VOL. 1 GN
  The DC Comics encyclopedia DC ENC 2016 GN
Buccellato, Brian Injustice DC INJ FIVE VOL. 2 GN
Buccellato, Brian Injustice DC INJ Four VOL. 2 GN
Siegel, Jerry Superman, the Golden Age DC SUP GOLDEN VOL. 2 GN
Tomasi, Peter Superman DC SUP Rebirth Vol. 1 GN
Rucka, Greg Wonder Woman DC WON REBIRTH VOL. 1 GN
Rucka, Greg Wonder Woman DC WON REBIRTH VOL. 2 GN
Rucka, Greg Wonder Woman DC WON REBIRTH VOL. 2 GN
Willingham, Bill Fables FAB DEL VOL. 12 GN
Palahniuk, Chuck Fight Club 2 FIG GN
Tomasi, Peter House of penance HOU GN
  Love is love LOV GN
Cain, Chelsea Mockingbird MAR MOC VOL. 1 GN
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther MAR PAN NAT VOL. 1 GN
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther MAR PAN NAT VOL. 1 GN
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther MAR PAN NAT VOL. 2 GN
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther MAR PAN NAT VOL. 3 GN
Aaron, Jason Doctor Strange MAR STR VOL. 1 GN
Waid, Mark Black Widow MAR WID VOL. 1 GN
Lemire, Jeff Old man Logan MAR WOL OLD VOL. 1 GN
Staples, Fiona Saga SAG VOL. 6 GN
Vaughan, Brian K. Saga SAG VOL. 7 GN
Vaughan, Brian K. Saga SAG DEL VOL. 2 GN
Benedetto, Michael Tales from the darkside TAL GN
Brubaker, Ed Velvet VEL GN
Moore, Tony The walking dead WAL VOL. 13 GN
Kirkman, Robert The walking dead WAL VOL. 27 GN