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Lico Albanese, Laurie Stolen Beauty F ALB
Andrews, V. C. Broken glass F AND
Armstrong, Kelley City of the lost F ARM
Armstrong, Kelley A darkness absolute F ARM
Auster, Paul 4 3 2 1 F AUS
Bachelder, Chris The throwback special F BAC
Balogh, Mary Irresistible F BAL
Balogh, Mary Unforgiven F BAL
Barry, Sebastian Days without end F BAR
Belle, Kimberly The marriage lie F BEL
Bitto, Emily The strays F BIT
Box, C. J. Vicious circle F BOX
Brennan, Marie Cold-forged flame F BRE
Brown, Karen The clairvoyants F BRO
Brodsky, Jordanna Max Winter of the Gods F BRO
Burch, Heather. In the light of the garden F BUR
Butler, Nickolas The hearts of men F BUT
Canty, Kevin The underworld F CAN
Childs, Laura Pekoe most poison F CHI
Clare, Alys A rustle of silk F CLA
Coetzee, J. M. The schooldays of Jesus F COE
Coffey, Terrance Valley of the kings F COF
Cogburn, Emily Beck Ava's place F COG
Coleman, Reed Farrel What you break F COL
Coulter, Catherine The devil's triangle F COU
Cussler, Clive The cutthroat F CUS
Darnielle, John Universal harvester F DAR
Delaney, J P The girl before  F DEL
Delany, Vicki Elementary, she read F DEL
Drabble, Margaret The dark flood rises F DRA
Dunant, Sarah In the name of the family F DUN
Engel, Amy The Roanoke girls F ENG
Estleman, Loren D. The lioness is the hunter F EST
Fluke, Joanne Banana cream pie murder F FLU
Fuller, Claire Swimming lessons F FUL
Gaiman, Neil Norse mythology F GAI
George, Margaret The confessions of young Nero F GEO
Gingrich, Newt Treason F GIN
Graham, Heather A perfect obsession F GRA
Harper, Jane The dry F HAR
Higashino, Keigo The name of the game is a kidnapping F HIG
Hoffman, Cara Running F HOF
Hooper, Kay Wait for dark F HOO
Hulin, Rachel Hey Harry, hey Matilda F HUL
Hurley, Kameron The stars are legion F HUR
Iles, Greg Mississippi blood F ILE
James, Vic Gilded cage F JAM
James, Eloisa Seven minutes in Heaven F JAM
Jance, Judith A. Man overboard  F JAN
Johnson, Lindsey Lee The most dangerous place on earth F JOH
Kellerman, Faye Bone box F KEL
Kerr, Lucy Time of death F KER
Kitamura, Katie M. A separation F KIT
Kleypas, Lisa Devil in spring F KLE
Kline, Christina Baker A piece of the world F KLI
Krasikov, Sana The patriots F KRA
Lafferty, Mur Six wakes F LAF
Laukkanen, Owen The forgotten girls F LAU
Leon, Donna Earthly remains F LEO
Mackintosh, Clare I see you F MAC
Macomber, Debbie If not for you F MAC
MacRae, Molly Plaid and plagiarism F MAC
Marion, Isaac The burning world F MAR
Mastai, Elan All our wrong todays F MAS
McAllister, Tom The young widower's handbook F MCA
McKenzie, Elizabeth The portable Veblen F MCK
Mejia, Mindy Everything you want me to be F MEJ
Millet, Lydia Sweet lamb of heaven F MIL
Miller, Linda Lael Forever a hero F MIL
Naigle, Nancy Christmas joy F NAI
Olsen, Rena The girl before F OLS
Omotoso, Yewande The woman next door F OMO
Pattison, Eliot Skeleton God F PAT
Patterson, James The black book F PAT
Perabo, Susan The fall of Lisa Bellow F PER
Perry, Anne Murder on the Serpentine F PER
Pinborough, Sarah Behind her eyes F PIN
Poeppel, Amy Small admissions F POE
Post, Steph Lightwood F POS
Pronzini, Bill The violated F PRO
Robb, J. D. Echoes in death F ROB
Robinson, Kim Stanley New York 2140 F ROB
Rosenberg, Joel C. Without warning F ROS
Ruskovich, Emily Idaho F RUS
Ryan, Jennifer The Chilbury Ladies' Choir F RYA
See, Lisa The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane F SEE
Sekaran, Shanthi Lucky boy F SEK
Shannon, Samantha The song rising F SHA
Smith, Michael F. Desperation Road F SMI
Steel, Danielle Dangerous games F STE
Vaughn, Carrie Martians abroad F VAU
Weldon, Fay Before the war F WEL
Werner, Ursula The good at heart F WER
White, Randy Wayne Mangrove lightning F WHI
Whitehouse, Lucie Keep you close F WHI
Woodson, Jacqueline Another Brooklyn  F WOO
Woods, Sherryl Treasured F WOO
Balogh, Mary Someone to hold PB BAL
Beverley, Jo The viscount needs a wife PB BEV
Burrowes, Grace The trouble with dukes PB BUR
Woods, Sherryl Priceless PB WOO
Large Print
Balogh, Mary Irresistible  F BAL LP
Barclay, Linwood The twenty-three F BAR LP
Barry, Brunonia The fifth petal F BAR LP
Binchy, Maeve A few of the girls F BIN LP
Bohjalian, Chris The sleepwalker F BOH LP
Bradley, C. Alan Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd F BRA LP
Chabon, Michael Moonglow F CHA LP
Clark, Mary Higgins The Sleeping Beauty killer F CLA LP
Coble, Colleen Mermaid moon F COB LP
Coble, Colleen Twilight at blueberry barrens F COB LP
Colin, Beatrice To capture what we cannot keep F COL LP
Connelly, Michael The wrong side of goodbye F CON LP
Corry, Jane My husband's wife F COR LP
Cussler, Clive The cutthroat F CUS LP
Ferencik, Erica The river at night F FER LP
Gardner, Lisa Right behind you F GAR LP
Goodwin, Daisy Victoria F GOO LP
Harris, Charlaine All the little liars F HAR LP
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew The nowhere man F HUR LP
Jin, Ha The boat rocker F JIN LP
Kellerman, Jonathan Heartbreak Hotel F KEL LP
Kellerman, Faye Bone box F KEL LP
Kinsella, Sophie My not so perfect life F KIN LP
Knott, Robert Robert B. Parker's Revelation F KNO LP
Koryta, Michael Rise the dark F KOR LP
Krentz, Jayne Ann When all the girls have gone  F KRE LP
Lescroart, John T. Fatal F LES LP
Lippman, Laura Wilde Lake F LIP  LP
McKinlay, Jenn Vanilla beaned F MCK LP
Patterson, James Cross the line F PAT LP
Patterson, James Humans, bow down F PAT LP
Patterson, James Never never F PAT LP
Silvis, Randall Two days gone F SIL LP
Steel, Danielle The mistress F STE LP
Steel, Danielle Dangerous games F STE LP
Storey, Erik Nothing short of dying F STO LP
White, Karen The guests on South Battery F WHI LP
Whitehouse, Lucie Keep you close F WHI LP
Woods, Stuart Below the belt F WOO LP
Shriver, Mark K. Pilgrimage 282.092 SHR LP
Jenkins, Jo Ann Disrupt aging 305.26 JEN LP
Holt, Nathalia Rise of the rocket girls 629.407 HOL LP
Turner, Steve Beatles '66 781.66 TUR LP
Wilson, Brian I am Brian Wilson 781.66 WIL LP
Preston, Douglas J. The Lost City of the Monkey God 972.86 PRE LP
Zapruder, Alexandra Twenty-six seconds 973.922 ZAP LP
Eliot, Marc Charlton Heston B HEST LP
Casad, Joe Sams teach yourself TCP/IP in 24 hours /  005.7 SAM
Cabane, Olivia Fox The net and the butterfly 153.35 CAB
Kotler, Steven Stealing fire 154.4 KOT
De Angelis, Barbara The choice for love 170.44 DEA
Warraich, Haider Modern death 179.7 WAR
Bengtson, Michelle Hope prevails 248.8 BEN PB
Hitchcock, Jayne A. Cyberbullying and the wild, wild web 302.34 HIT
Harari, Yuval N. Homo deus 303.49 HAR
Dyson, Michael Eric Tears we cannot stop 305.8 DYS
O'Reilly, Bill Old school 306.2 ORE
Dunbar, Erica Armstrong Never caught 306.362 DUN
Moss, David A. Democracy 320.473 MOS
Harding, Luke A very expensive poison 327.124 HAR
Steinberg, Amanda Worth it 332.024 STE
  Beautiful trouble 361.2 BOY
Sdoia, Roseann Perfect strangers 363.325 SDO
Tyson, Timothy B. The blood of Emmett Till 364.134 TYS
Kolhatkar, Sheelah Black edge 364.16 KOH
Hayes, Christopher A colony in a nation 364.973 HAY
Mill, Alfred Social security 101 368.4 MIL
Summers, Michael E. Exoplanets 523.24 SUM
Rovelli, Carlo Reality is not what it seems 530.14 ROV
Hamblin, James If our bodies could talk 613 HAM
Gottfried, Sara Younger 613.0438 GOT
Jones, James W. Live better while you age 613.2 JON
Kirkpatrick, Kristin Skinny liver 616.362 KIR
Gilmore, Megan No excuses detox 641.512 GIL
Harvey, Anna Timeless style 646.4 HAR
Hoffman, Rachel Unfuck your habitat 648.5 HOF
Maker, Melissa Clean My Space 648.5 MAK
Sachs, Wendy Fearless and free 650.1 SAC
Green, Carrie She means business 658.1 GRE
Blanchard, Kenneth H. The simple truths of service 658.314 BLA
Spodek, Joshua Leadership step by step 658.4 SPO
Egan, Joseph The purple diaries 791.43 EGA
Marin, Cheech Cheech is not my real name ... but don't call me Chong! 791.43 MAR
Lawson, Jenny You are here 793 LAW
Burak, Asi Power play  794.8 BUR
Reeder, Lydia Dust bowl girls 796.323 REE
Lovelace, Amanda The princess saves herself in this one  811.6 LOV
Williams, Allison Moon Seattle 917.97 WIL
Gristwood, Sarah Game of queens  940.2 GRI
  World War I and America 940.412 BER
Englund, Will, March 17 940.53 ENG
Savage, Michael Trump's war 973.933 SAV
Clavin, Thomas Dodge City 978.1 CLA
Collins, Judy Cravings B COLL
  Natalie Wood B WOOD