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Consumer Protection


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Consumer Products Safety Commission

An independent Federal Regulating agency listing recalls in consumer products, business and regulatory information, statistics, and publications

Consumer Reports

Best buys, safety reports and recalls. The library has magazine issues back to 1993.

Federal Consumer Information Center

Consumer information center: buying a home

Find recalls in consumer products, cars, medicines, boats, foods, cosmetics and environmental products.

U.S. government site for ratings on tires, airbags, rollover ratings, recalls and defects. Consumer Guides and Protection

A one-step link to a broad range of consumer info including food, product safety, health and technology.

Includes money saving tips for buying and leasing cars, new and used car quotes, used vehicle history reports, auto repair secrets and more.

An amazingly comprehensive site where you can shop for a new or used car, get insurance quotes, and check out safety issues, recalls and maintenance schedules.

Cars, Vehicle and Equipment Information

Maintained by the national highway traffic safety administration. Find out about testing results, safety problems, recalls, etc.

Consumer Guide

This site offers reviews on both new and used cars and a free Vehicle History Report using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide

New and used car prices and reviews, consumer advice, road tests, and much more

Kelley Blue Book

Check here for used car values, new car pricing, reports, and more

NADA Car Guides

Value pricing and information about autos, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, recreation vehicles, and manufactured homes

Better Business Bureau

Explains the programs and services the BBB extends to communities, posts business and consumer alerts and news, provides a resource library, and allows one to search for a local BBB. Supplies other useful information also.

Consumer Protection

Put out by the Federal Trade Commission, definitely worth visiting.

Browse through product and service categories or type in the name of the product/service to find what would be a reasonable price. Lists what should be included as well as what discounts might be available.

Find-a-Human: Phone System Shortcuts

Follow the directions at this site to reach a human operator at more than 60 cell phone, banks, computer and travel firms.

Guide to handling disputes with your Health Plan
Useful guide to the appeal process available both within your plan and within your state laws.

Find Law

Freely available legal information on the Internet including divorce, bankruptcy, employee  and employer rights, wills and product liability.


Provides templates of documents for the most common legal transactions at no charge,  such as bill of sale, copyright, and tenant/landlord. Self-Help Law Tips

Useful tips for a variety of real-life common legal situations.

Bank Rates for Mortgages

Search "best and most competitive mortgage and other loan programs" in your area.

Mortgage Calculators

Calculate monthly costs, prepayment options and results, debt consolidation and more.

Calculating tools for mortgages, investment estimators, and IRA withdrawals.

Savings Bond Calculator

An easy-to-use calculator for determining the value of your savings bonds.

Annual Credit Report

This site shows you how to request a free annual credit report. Fill out the form or follow the directions to request one by phone or mail.

Best Places to Live

From CNN and Money Magazine

A consumer review website offering personalized recommendations and comparative shopping.

Meta-Efficient: a Guide to the Most Efficient Things in the World

Review of products that are energy and resource efficient, affordable, reliable and non-polluting.

Expiration Dates

Check the cupboards and cabinets! Even unopened food and cleaning products have expiration dates.